Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

You’d think that with the amount of mascaras I have on rotation I have 12 sets of eyes but that didn’t stop me from trying out the brand new(ish) Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara.

According to the Revlon website:

Our innovative, high-impact formula delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits, while our Revlon Power Mini Brush™ leaves no lash behind. Choosing the one has never been so simple.
• Revlon Power Mini Brush™:
      – Mini oval shape designed to reach every lash
      – Unique mini oval shape for easy application
      – Hollow core designed to deposit formula for mega lash impact

So, I’ll let you know right off the hop that I’ve seen very mixed reviews on this new product – the majority being on the negative side.  All makeup products, in my humble opinion are “to each her own”. Depending on skin type (oily, dry), formula preferences (liquid, stick), finish preferences (dewy, matte) colour preferences, makeup look (natural, glam) and so on and so on… makeup is very subjective.

When it comes to mascara this is no exception. Some gals are blessed with long, lush lashes; others with barely there lashes.  Depending on what you have to work with finding the right mascara can illicit that moment you hear the angels singing!

A lot of reviewers had really high hopes for this mascara as it claims to Do.It.All. – thicken, lengthen, volumize, define and curl.

Firstly, look at that brush.  When I first opened the tube, I was like WTF? How is this little thing going to make my lashes spectacular?  It’s a very small, plastic oval brush and quite spiky which is meant to be able to reach every single lash.  Other than my Clinique Bottom Lash mascara (click for my review!), I’ve never seen a ‘normal lash’ mascara this tiny.

When I first applied this I was a bit scared actually. The tiny size and plastic spikes of the brush made me feel that the chances of poking my eye out were a done deal.  I’m glad to say, no eyeballs were hurt during the application of this mascara. 🙂

The formula seems a bit thick, which causes a lot of product to deposit onto the brush. So when I pull it out, it tends to be a bit gloopy. My theory is that because the brush is so small, it’s picking up so much product where with a normal sized mascara brush, the amount of formula would be just right.  Wiping off the excess helped me to get a decent amount to work with.  As long as I do this, I avoid the clumpiness this can create.

This takes a bit more time to apply because of the size of the brush – a couple times of back-and-forth over my top lashes to coat every single lash.

It definitely defines – it’s very good at separating my lashes.  I can’t say that it makes me look like I have thicker or curlier lashes.

The one other good thing about this mascara is it’s great for lower lashes – again, the design and size of the brush is ideal for those tiny hairs.

I’ve worn this on a typical day – about 12 hours of wear – and it does not flake off or make my lashes fall flat.  I don’t think this is a waterproof formula, however this definitely had staying power.  And at the end of my day, removing this with makeup remover or cleanser was a breeze.

Revlon has a few other mascaras in this new collection that claim to to define, lengthen, volumize and a fiber one – each one is identified with a different coloured cap (blue, purple, green, and pink). Maybe I’ll try one of these out one day.

Overall, I like this mascara, but I don’t love it.  I will not re-purchase this mascara. I don’t like how long it takes to coat all my lashes with this tiny brush – very time-consuming.  And the fact that it doesn’t really do much for my lashes except for defining them, is a miss for me.  I think I’ve had this mascara for about a month now and I’ve maybe reached for it 2-3 times. I’ll probably use it for my lower lashes but that’s about it.

Drugstore-wise, the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes mascara will still be my all time fave (and one that I always recommend to friends!)

I purchased this at Shoppers Drug Mart for $6.99 Cdn (on sale).

I give the Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara: a THUMBS DOWN

Have you tried this mascara yet?  Like or dislike?


fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

I’ve had my eye on the fresh Sugar Lip Treatment balms for long time but cringed at the $26 Cdn price point. But with the 20% off sale at Sephora earlier this year, I figured it would be a good time for me to try it out without feeling too cringe-y about the price.

The tint I chose was Passion – a sheer crimson red shade.  The fresh Sugar Lip Treatment range has about 13 colours.

On the Sephora website:

What it is:
A bestselling lip treatment—and a cult-favorite among all who try it, including Hollywood’s elite—that moisturizes, protects, and smooths the lips.

What it is formulated to do:
Sugar Lip Treatment blends repairative oils and waxes with real sugar, a natural humectant, for delectable and dependable moisture. Sweet and tart black currant oil, rich in plumping essential fatty acids, cushions the lips while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This lip-loving essential has a bright, citrus scent and is free of petroleum, mineral oil, and lanolin.

I might get some back lash here, but I really have to be honest – I don’t see what all the hype is all about around these lip balms.  Sure, they come in beautiful, “luxe” packaging and I really am impressed — I’m a sucker for pretty looking products.  But as far as performance goes?  I’d pick my Blistex pot over this any day.

Sure, it moisturizes my lips and keeps them comfortable, but it’s all just so basic. If anything, the formula is actually a tad too thin for my liking — this might just be a personal preference, but I like my lip balms to have some ‘balls’ to them, some stick, if you know what I mean. I put the fresh lip balm on and I feel like I have to touch up every half hour or so to feel like I have product on.

The shade of Passion is one I really like — a sheer red shade that’s actually great for someone like me who likes to wear red, but sometimes can be shy about it.  Before I even tried the balm, I had such high expectations for it.  I walked out of Sephora with the Passion shade and was already planning my next trip to pick up the more natural, Honey shade.

Well, I won’t be taking that trip anytime soon.

Another downside, is how soft the formula is. Wow, keep this in your pocket for any amount of time and you’re pretty much in for a melted mess.  This is one lip balm I would never consider taking on a hot holiday or even keeping in my makeup bag during the summer time.

I will continue to use this (for the price alone) but aside from the pretty packaging, the formula just doesn’t cut it for me.  I’ll be more than happy to spend $3 on my pot-o-Blistex over this any day.

I give the fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15: a SHOULDER SHRUG

UPDATE!! – I found a very similar product to this fresh Balm at the drugstore – the new CoverGirl Colourlicious Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Balm.  I would go far as say this is a DUPE for the fresh Balm and works even better!!  I picked up 2 shades and they’ve bumped my fresh Balm aside!  Review on the Covergirl product coming soon!!

Have you tried the fresh Sugar Lip Treatments?  Like or dislike?

Thanks for reading!

L’oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickening Booster

Is it just me or do most of you like to switch up your haircare products?  I know as with any skincare or makeup product, we tend to find our “holy grails”.  I haven’t really found my HG in the haircare department and I don’t know if I ever will, but in the meantime, I’m open to trying new things!

Having fine and thin hair, I tend to look for haircare that claim to thicken or volumize. I had heard that L’oreal came out with a new hair thickening line – Elvive Fibrology – so I thought I’d give the products a go.  Lucky for me, I purchased these on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for only $3.99 Cdn each, so a very good deal.

(All photos shown from

L’oreal claims:

L’Oréal Laboratories have created our 1st haircare range to give thicker looking hair wash after wash. 

Specially developed with Filloxane, the shampoo formula together with the conditioner, thickens the look of hair and provides deep cleansing.

The Thickness Booster contains an intensive thickening formula with our highest concentration of Filloxane (5%), specially developed to give thicker looking hair. FILLOXANE: A patented technology proven to help thicken the look of hair, with more body and bounce.

First off, I really like the smell of these products. They smell slightly “salon-like” if that makes sense — I can’t quite describe it as it’s not your typical fruity/earthy/fresh/etc. kind of scent. It has a sophisticated smell, with a hint of mint or eucalyptus maybe?

The shampoo is good — it lathers well and leaves my hair feeling clean, without feeling stripped. Nothing too extraordinary about it.

I used the thickening booster along with the conditioner (applying a dime-size amount of the booster before applying conditioner, waiting a few minutes, then rinsing out).  My hair felt very conditioned, but to the point where it felt a bit greasy and heavy, like it never really felt like I could completely rinse it out. I’m not confident that the booster did any “boosting” in terms of thickening my hair than if I had just used the conditioner alone.

Also, I ended up using just the conditioner with another shampoo for another five days in a row and noticed that I had a TON of breakage!  Rinsing out my hair, I had never experienced so much breakage of my hair than ever before — not a good thing at all.

Once I stopped using the conditioner the breakage of hair stopped almost immediately!

Did I see/feel a difference in the thickness of my hair after using the products for about 2 weeks?  No, not really.  And even if it would’ve made my hair feel/look thicker, I really don’t think I would’ve continued on with the conditioner (at least) because of all the hair breakage I experienced.

I will probably continue using the shampoo just so I don’t waste it.  I will not use the thickening booster or conditioner — that’s actually going in the trash (I don’t even want to give it away to anyone I know at the risk of them finding their hair breaking too!)

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with this line — just didn’t work for me (might work for others!).  It’s too bad because I’m a big fan of the L’oreal Total Repair line and a few of their sulphate-free products. Oh well, you win some, you lose some!

I give the L’oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo: a SHOULDER SHRUG

I give the L’oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickeing Conditioner and Booster: both a THUMBS DOWN

Have you tried these products?  Like or dislike?

Thanks for reading!