Olay: ProX and Regenerist range

I’ve had a few compliments on my skin over the last few months and I am convinced it’s mostly because of the skincare products I’ve been using. These are not new products on the market, but to me they are and for the last 4-5 months of using these consistently, I’ve noticed a good difference in my skin!

Olay ProX and Regenerist line

Olay ProX and Regenerist line

I’m all about the anti-aging stuff. I’ve done my research, heard super great things about these products so I decided to give some of the products in the Olay ProX and Regenerist lines a try. Here are the products I’ve been using and what I think of them so far:

Olay Pro-X Age Repair Lotion SPF 30:  In my opinion, THE BEST SPF daytime face moisturizer I’ve tried yet. Why?  First off, it’s SPF 30 which is an awesome level of SPF protection for the skin, especially the face. Second, this DOES NOT leave a white cast on my face and it does not leave it looking shiny. Third, this blends in so smoothly and doesn’t have the typical thick, sunscreen-y feeling that most moisturizers do, especially with anything higher than an SPF 15 (in my experience, anyway). And last but not least, it’s got GREAT anti-aging skincare ingredients – the SPF, niacinamide, and vitamin E. A little pricier than most drugstore moisturizers (but much less than higher-end, Sephora/department store brands) but definitely worth the investment. This is fragrance- free and comes in an easy to pump container. I don’t think I ever have to search for another SPF moisturizer for the rest of my life – this is a forever winner in my books!

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum:  This fragrance-free serum has been a great addition to my skincare routine. Before my moisturizer, I apply one pump of this silky, smooth serum onto my skin and it makes my face feel well, silky and smooth!  It’s got niacinamide (a stellar anti-aging ingredient proven to lighten sun spots and scars) and other super anti-aging ingredients including antioxidants and peptides. My face is hydrated and feels radiant after using this.  It actually has the ability to blur my pores, has a bit of a silicone-y feel – I’ve tried using this as a makeup primer and it works wonderfully.

Olay Pro-X Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel:  You know I’m a BIG fan of using glycolic acid as a gentle exfoliant that helps to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage – one of my favourite products is the Nip & Fab Glycolic Pads . When I  saw the Olay night treatment I jumped at it because having had great results from the pads I use during the day, why not amp up the treatment at night while asleep?  This product may have up to 10% glycolic acid which is why I think it works so well. After using this every other night, I notice my skin being brighter and less dull. It’s fragrance-free and has a light, watery texture. After cleansing my skin in the evening, I’ll rub about 3 drops of this into my palms and apply on my face – no need to follow up with moisturizer unless I feel I have to.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream:  I use this cream only at night as it has no SPF.  This cream has a multitude of antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin and I like the fact that these are working for me overnight.  The cream is a light texture however it provides very good hydration – for dryer skintypes this would be a dream; for combo-oily skintypes like me, it still works but does leave a bit of an oilier feel – nothing too obnoxious that would stop me from using it though.  It comes in fragrance and fragrance-free versions. I try to stay away from skincare products that come in jar packaging (less hygienic, ingredient effectiveness lost when jar open/closed constantly) but I couldn’t resist with this cream. I wish it came in a squeeze or pump tube! I always wake up to plump and hydrated skin after using this cream.

Have you tried any of these products?  Like or dislike?  Any recommendations for me?

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Vitamin E Moisture Serum by The Body Shop

Even with the weather getting warmer, I can still struggle with dry skin on my face. I had just finished my Olay Regenerist serum (really great product by the way) and needed more serum. Thought it would be a good time to try something new and so I decided on the Vitamin E Moisture Serum by The Body Shop.

According to TBS website:

Best if you want to: Smooth and refine your skin with a concentrated pre-moisturizer that also protects it from harmful environmental elements.

How it works:

  • Vitamin E, wheat germ oil and rice bran oil help moisturize, nourish and condition skin, while protecting against premature aging and environmental aggressors.
  • Tara bush seed extract helps promote both immediate and long-term hydration.
  • Organic Community Trade honey moisturizes and conditions the skin

I like this serum. It has a very lightweight texture, so putting it on before my moisturizer doesn’t feel like I have too much on. The formulation is slightly more watery than some other serums I’ve tried. For how light it is, it provides a really good dose of hydration. I only have to use half a pea-size amount and that’s enough for my entire face. It spreads onto the skin really smoothly, absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky.

It has a slight fragrance to it, almost powdery/floral — I can’t really put my finger on it; it’s a pleasant smell and doesn’t linger.

Although there are serums out there that are formulated with anti-aging and antioxidants far superior to this formula, it still gives me what I was looking for — a decent boost of hydration to take care of those pesky dry patches on my face.

Would I repurchase? Yes, but not something I will run out to buy once this one is empty.

I give TBS Vitamin E Moisture Serum: a HIGH FIVE

Have you tried this serum?  What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Skincare Product Review: Nutriganics Drops of Youth


I’ve been wanting to do a review on the Nutriganics Drops Of Youth for a while now, seeing as I’ve given it a good test run religiously for about 8 weeks. So here I am! This product was actually given to me as a birthday present this year from my dear friend Jennifer. She is just as big a beauty product/skincare junkie as I am (probably even more so!) and she shared this serum with me because she enjoys it so much herself. How thoughtful of her!

Nutriganics Drops of Youth by The Body Shop

Nutriganics Drops of Youth by The Body Shop

The Body Shop describes the product on the website:

Our certified organic range has been created for the first signs of ageing. This innovative concentrate helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.

  • Smoothes
  • Instantly moisturising
  • 99% of ingredients are of natural origin

The texture of this is a clear, liquid-gel formula — more on the liquid side. It has a slight “green” smell, fresh and herbal; nothing too harsh or overwhelming and dissipates when applied.

It comes with a pipette applicator, which is convenient and hygenic. I can usually get a good 2-3 full drops out of the pipette if I fill it up, which is actually the perfect amount I like to put on my face. I put the 2-3 drops on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to dot the serum on my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. From there, I pat into my skin first, then smooth it in. I find that it dries quite quickly and sometimes leaves a tacky feeling on my skin, but still leaves me feeling moisturized. I’ve read some reviews where some will actually mix the serum in with their moisturizer and apply that way. I think I might try that.

To be perfectly honest, as far as “fighting the first signs of ageing” (i.e. fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc.) I don’t think it has made any significant improvements in targeting those issues for me personally.

The one positive thing I have noticed that this product has done for me is that it’s made my skin a lot smoother and softer to the touch. For that alone, I will probably continue to use this product. I know that I will eventually use up the whole bottle, however I don’t think I’d purchase this for myself in the future. I think there are some other serums out on the market that can provide more for my personal skin needs.

Currently, I have an a.m. and p.m. skincare routine that I’ve been sticking to for the last month and I haven’t used this serum since. But now that I’ve re-visited this serum I think I will re-incoporate it into my routine somewhere to reap the benefits of having a softer, smoother skin.

I give the Nutriganics Drops of Youth: a SHOULDER SHRUG

Have you tried or are you trying this product? How do you like it? Any recommendations on a really good, impressive serum?

Thanks for tuning in Pretties!!