Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream SPF 15

If you’re looking for a super comfortable, lightweight moisturizer with SPF protection this Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream SPF 15 might just be perfect for you.

The Pro-X Olay SPF 30 moisturizer that I recently reviewed is still my current fave for daytime facial moisturizers with SPF, but I was intrigued with the concept of a gel-cream formula with SPF that Neutrogena had to offer.  SPF is one of those things that’s hard to get right in a facial moisturizer – most leave a heavy white cast and/or makes you look greasy – you know, that typical ‘sun-screeny’ feeling. The Olay one doesn’t do that and neither does this Neutrogena one – whew!


Now, if any of you have been following me for a while now, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of hyaluronic acid – this ingredient is amazing at keeping my skin hydrated, plump and moisturized.  So the idea of having a really lightweight moisturizer with really good hydration AND SPF sounded like a good deal to me!

If you’ve got oily/combo skin, you will love this moisturizer – I used this on hot, humid days and it was perfect to keep my face from feeling like I have too much on.  If you’ve got dry/normal skin, I think you’ll still enjoy the formula, but it might not be enough hydration for you if you’re really dry (especially come the winter months).

It doesn’t really have a scent to it, maybe a light fresh-like scent but nothing too strong.   I sinks in quickly into the skin and instantly provides hydration and leaves my skin plump and happy.

There are other moisturizers and an eye cream in this Neutrogena range and I wouldn’t be surprised if those product eventually make their way on to my vanity!

Have you tried this?  Like or dislike?

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Top 10 Beauty Faves of 2014 and Thank You!

Hey Pretties!

It’s the end of the year (where did it go??) and I have to say I’m so glad I decided to start up Try Me Pretty in February 2014. When I wrote my first post I had no idea if I was actually going to stick with it and if anyone would actually read my stuff. To my surprise, I’ve managed to gain a solid following both on the blog and on my Instagram page (@trymepretty).

I’ve recieved so many great comments and feedback from other beauty bloggers, Insta-beauty gals and in-person friends and family. It makes me smile knowing that being the “tester” for beauty products has helped so many of you make better decisions in your beauty product purchases! I hope I can continue to help you as well as entertain you with my posts!

I’ve put together my Top 10 Beauty Faves of 2014 here. I sat down with pen and paper thinking that this would be a really hard list to make — but nope! Apparently the products I’m praising today have definitely made an impact on me this year and came to mind easily for this post. Where I’ve done a review on a product, I will provide the link in the product name (in case you want to check it out!); and where I haven’t done a review, I’ll try to say a few words about it for you!

Thank you for reading and all your support! I hope everyone’s had a great 2014 and I look forward to sharing more with you in the new year!!

My Top Ten Beauty Favourites for 2014

My Top Ten Beauty Favourites for 2014

Tess’ Top 10 Beauty Faves of 2014

In no particular order:

  1. Nuxe Rêve de Miel – Probably the most nourishing lip balm I have ever tried in my entire life. Gone through 2 jars this year and planning on picking up another very soon.
  2. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – I jumped on the cleansing oil bandwagon and I’m so glad I did with this affordable oil. Gone through 2 bottle of this and I can’t wait to start on my third! I’ve had friends try this out and have been loving it as much as I am!
  3. Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – Seriously works. Go and get it.
  4. Maybelline FitMe Foundation (original formula) – So I just looked through my foundation stash and this one looks like the one I’ve used up the most. Great formula for everyday wear (semi-dewy finish) and great colour match.
  5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover – Best one at the drugstore, in my opinion. Doesn’t sting and removes the most waterproof eye makeup super easily.
  6. NARS Sheer Lipstick in Dolce Vita – Recommended by my good friend, Jenn, this is by far the best MLBB lipstick for me EVER. My first high-end lippie purchase. I love this so much and I am afraid for my wallet because I will definitely repurchase another one once I run out!
  7. Real Techniques Buffing Brush – I’ve always applied my foundation with my fingers — but after seeing and hearing so many rave reviews about foundation brushes, in particular the RT Buffing Brush for a flawless foundation application, I had to get my hands on this little tool. Glad I did — I have never used my fingers since buying this baby to apply foundation. Applies foundation fast, seamlessly and flawlessly, leaving a natural finish. I’ve washed this brush about every two weeks since getting it mid-2014 and it is still in great shape.
  8. Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads – A great drugstore find for an affordable AHA exfoliant.
  9. NYX Powder Blushes – It seemed I was late in the game on trying out the NYX brand, but I’m glad I can find them much easier at my local drugstore. I have a few different NYX products, but the blushes have really impressed me. Super affordable for very good quality powder blushes.
  10. Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara – The brush on this wand is the perfect curled size to coat, separate and lengthen each and every lash. Holds the curl well throughout the day. I’ve re-purchased this a few times and even gave this away as a gift to a friend!

There you have it – my 10 best, most loved, most used beauty products of 2014!

Thanks for reading and for a fun year of writing, reading and reviewing! Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you again in 2015!



Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Hi Pretties!

For those of you who’ve been following me for a while now, you knooooow how much I am in love with The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil for removing my makeup at the end of each and every day. It’s the best product for getting every trace of makeup off, including waterproof eye makeup, before going in with a regular cleanser.

I love it so much. Kiss, kiss, smooch, hug.

Although I know it’s so important to cleanse my face at the end of the day, sometimes I just get plain lazy. On these lazy days, I still make a point of removing my makeup but instead of an over the sink cleanse, I will break out a good eye makeup remover and a cleansing cloth. The eye makeup remover I’ve been loving over the last few weeks is the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover:

I’m pretty sure this has been around for ages and has received rave reviews from everyone and their mama. I was using the Sephora eye makeup remover but it just wasn’t cutting it so I thought I’d give the Neutrogena one a try. Glad I did!

This eye makeup remover is amazing. While it sits, the formula separates into 2 entities; you have to shake it up well before each use to get the formula to combine thoroughly to get it to work properly.





A few bloops on a cotton pad, press gently against the eye with any makeup on it, wait a few seconds and wipe — and voilà! All makeup gone. Even waterproof mascara, trust me. It leaves a bit of an oily feeling on the lid (despite the “oil-free”-ness of it), but nothing crazy or difficult to rinse away. I’ll usually take a face wipe (remember, lazy day) and remove the rest of the makeup on my face with that as well as go over anything that’s left from on my eyelids — which is usually nothing, with the Neutrogena eye makeup remover.

I purchased this on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $7.99 Cdn.

I give the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this eye makeup remover? Like or dislike? What’s your fave eye makeup remover, if you have one?

Thanks again for stopping by!!