Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

For someone like me, who doesn’t stray too far away from my skincare routine, there are nights when I am just not in the mood to go through the whole ritual of first cleanse, second cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturize. As tired and as lazy I can get some nights, I still make it a priority to always ALWAYS remove my day’s makeup no matter what. That’s why I love using micellar waters, particularly the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:

A few years ago, I did a review on the Bioderma micellar water and really liked it. Since then, there are more drugstore options (at more affordable prices) and the Garnier version is one of them – and in my opinion, is just as effective as Bioderma, if not better.

Micellar cleansing waters are basically meant to replace washing your face with regular water. These formulas have the consistency of water and are loaded with ‘micelles’ which are small oil molecules suspended in a ball of water that attract dirt and oil, therefore making it ideal for cleansing your face.

The Garnier cleanser is fragrance-free and oil free and comes in two formulas: regular and one designed to remove waterproof makeup. I did try and finish up a travel size bottle of the regular Garnier cleanser (pink cap) and really liked that one, so I decided to go try out the dual-phase, waterproof formula (blue cap) in the full size. It is good for all skin types.

It takes me about saturated 3 cotton pads to remove all traces of makeup from my face with this cleanser. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or stripped – it actually feels fresh, just like I washed it with a traditional cleanser and water.  Afterwards I will simply go in with my nighttime moisturizer.

Honestly, I don’t feel that there is much of the difference between the two formulas. Although, even though both are oil-free, the waterproof one does feel every-so-slightly ‘oilier’ compared with the regular formula. As far as cleansing abilities, I don’t find the waterproof formula to work any better  than the regular version – both will not take off my waterproof mascara completely – I will always go in with an eye makeup remover anyway. So, for those reasons – the next time I purchase this, I will repurchase the regular formula.

I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a ‘back-up’ for those lazy nights you just can’t even drum up the strength to walk up to your bathroom sink for a proper cleanse. This is also a quick and easy morning cleanser for a fast refresh just to wipe away any oils that have accumulated on your skin overnight. The travel size versions would be great to throw in your purse along with a few cotton pads, if you need a little refresh on a hot, humid day or after a workout, or to fix any makeup mishaps throughout your day.

I purchase this big 400ml bottle on sale at the drugstore for $7.98 CDN and will definitely be repurchasing the regular version.

Have you tried this micellar water?  Like or dislike?  Any other favourites?

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The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

If you’re a long time follower, you’re probably sick of me telling you how AWESOME the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil is. This stuff is liquid silk on my face and removes all my makeup in a snap!

I had run out of cleansing oil and was ready to purchase yet another bottle of the camomile oil (4th bottle I think?) but this time, I thought I’d be rebellious and try out the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. Essentially the same product but in balm form.

The main purpose of a cleansing oil or balm is to be your ‘first cleanse’ – the first part of skincare routine on the days you wear makeup.  When you rub the oil onto your dry face it breaks down all the makeup and melts it away easily, before you go in with your actual facial cleanser. I never miss the step of using a cleansing oil/balm before my ‘second cleanse’ because it just feels so luxurious to use and it guarantees that all my make up is removed first before I go in with my regular cleanser, which actually works better on already ‘cleansed’ skin.

Anyway, back to the balm. The balm looks exactly like hardened coconut oil. The fragrance is the same as the camomile oil version – mmmmm, love it!

I scoop about a teaspoon with my fingertips and rub it between my palms – this heats up the solid oil into liquid and then I massage my hands onto my face. The consistency of this – even when it it’s liquid state –  feels like it has more viscosity when compared to the camomile oil version, but literally, this stuff works the same.  Once I’m done massaging, I’ll rinse off with warm water and voila – a makeup-free face!  No oily residue left behind and also leaves my skin feeling nourished, yet very clean.

If I had to choose between the camomile oil or balm – I can’t!  I love them both!  They are equal in their performance.  The main difference I’d say is that the oil version is great because of the convenient packaging:  a pump bottle, which means easy access for use while it sits near your bathroom sink.  But for traveling, could be a potential disaster if it leaks in your luggage.  The balm on the other hand: packaging would be great for travelling, solid in a very well-contained tin.  But having to fuss to open it, scoop out the product and then remembering to close it back up, might be a pain for some.

Would I purchase this again?  Yes, definitely!  I think I’ll be rotating between the camomile cleansing oil and balm quite frequently.

You can find this at The Body Shop for $16 Cdn.

Have you tried this product?  Like or dislike?

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Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

A while ago I reviewed the Bioderma Micellar Water and this was my first introduction into the world of micelles!  I have (almost) swore off makeup wipes in favour of using micellar waters on those days/nights when I’m just too lazy to give my face a good “real” cleansing.

I really like the Bioderma but I’m not so fond of the price (around $20 Cdn for 250ml (on sale)). I had my eye on the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water for quite some time and as soon as I ran out of the Bioderma I purchased the Simple one for only $7 Cdn (for almost 200ml):

I’m just going to jump in and say it:  I LOVE THIS STUFF. BETTER THAN BIODERMA! I know, it’s a stretch (because of Bioderma’s cult following), but seriously, the Simple water is so effective at removing all my makeup with ease.  I soak just one round cotton pad, use both sides and my makeup is all gone.  For my waterproof eye makeup, I still go in first with a separate eye makeup remover, but the Simple is able to remove any last bits that may have been left behind.

Also, just comparing the Bioderma to the Simple, I noticed that the Simple has no taste (I will sometimes swipe the waters over my lips to remove lipstick). When I lick my lips after using the Bioderma, it’s like I get a subtle alcohol taste; with Simple, I taste nothing.

Another bonus: Bioderma can leave my face feeling ever so slightly tight after using; Simple does not!

I highly recommend the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water to anyone who wants an alternative to makeup wipes or to the more pricey Bioderma. This is the micellar water I’ll be repurchasing over and over again (dare I say, forever??).  I just wish it came in a bigger bottle!!

I give the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this cleansing water?  Like or dislike?  What’s your fave cleansing water?

Thanks for reading!