Essence Cosmetics: Stays No Matter What Jumbo Eye Pencil and Shadow

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A while ago I did a post on a Peek into a brand: Essence Cosmetics — one of the most affordable lines of makeup a the drugstore. I recently spotted the Says No Matter What Jumbo Eye Pencil and Shadow in the line. I haven’t heard anything about these shadow/pencil/liner hybrids so I thought I’d give them a try! At $2.49 Cdn each… why not!

I picked up two shades:  Cute Copper and Chocolate Brownie.

I’m not a huge wearer of eyeshadows these days, however, when I do want a wash of colour on my lids I’ve been really drawn to using cream shadows, like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I love them for easy application (just use my finger to blend in) and staying power. The appeal of having a cream eye shadow formula in a convenient crayon stick appealed to me even more — just pop off the lid, swipe onto my lids and blend away. Easy peasy.

First off, the colour pigmentation of these eye crayons are great. Chocolate Brownie is a warm, dark brown colour with a semi-satin finish and Cute Copper is bronzey-copper shade that’s semi-shimmery.


Upon application, I found that they were creamy, but a bit on the tacky side — if you’ve ever tried the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (original formulas) or the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow crayons, they feel creamy and have a good slip to them when you apply; very easy to blend out. The Essence crayons are a bit harder to blend out — I found that as soon as I swipe them on my eyelids I have to work really fast to blend them in before they dry and set — I have about a 10-second window before I find it REALLY hard to blend out. As a shadow, this is sort of a downside; BUT as a liner, this is absolutely great because once you apply this, within a few seconds it dries down and doesn’t budge!

I’ve used both colours as shadows and liners. I really like the Chocolate Brownie shade for a warm, natural wash of colour on my lids and smudged out as a liner under my eyes. The Cute Copper shade is also nice when I want a shimmery pop of copper on my lids; nice on my lower waterline as well to add a bit of brightness to my eyes. I’ve tried these on with and without an eyeshadow primer — the colour, not surprisingly is more vibrant overtop a primer and staying power is even longer throughout the day; but without a primer, I found colour payoff and staying power still quite good.

The staying power of these crayons are amazing — “stays no matter what” is definitely true. I’ve worn this on a typical 8-hour day at work and by the time I get home the colours are still on my lids and/or on my lower lash line. I use an oil-based remover to take this off at the end of the day.

So, for $2.49 a pop I’d say this is a steal of a deal for a decent quality eye shadow/pencil. The colour selection isn’t vast, but with these browns (a black and I think I saw a green and blue) there’s some choices for anyone to try out.

If you’re willing to work quickly to blend out your shadows and want one that will stay on all day long, this might be a good drugstore option for you!

I give the Essence Cosmetics Stays No Matter What Jumbo Eye Pencil and Shadows: a HIGH FIVE

Have you tried these shadows?  Like or dislike?  Let me know!

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