Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face

A couple months ago, I had the best time in Mexico for my sister’s wedding.  Having a weeks worth of amazing sunshine on my body all day, everyday was exactly what I needed to uplift me from the Canadian winter blues. Being back home now for about 2 months, my tan has faded – sad!  I know that summer is right around the corner, but I miss that glow.  So I did some research and stumbled upon the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for face:

As per the Sephora website:

What it is:
A skin booster to be mixed with your day and night cream for a radiant, sunkissed glow.

What it is formulated to do:
Three drops to sunkissed skin. This is the first ever self-tanning innovation from the Clarins laboratories. From sunkissed to sun-drenched, simply mix with your regular day or night cream to gradually develop natural-looking, beautifully bronzed skin. Golden Glow Booster’s 99.8 percent natural formula combines natural DHA and erythrulose with aloe vera extract to help preserve skin’s softness while giving your complexion a healthy-looking glow.

What else you need to know:
Golden Glow Booster must be mixed with moisturizer—never use straight from the bottle. Do not add formula to moisturizer container.

Research results:
In a satisfaction test on 61 women after 10 days of use:
– 83% reported a natural-looking glow
– 90% reported an even glow
– 86% reported a streak-free glow

I’ve been using this, on and off over the last month or so, mixed with my nighttime moisturizer.  I apply 3 drops of this scent-less tint to my moisturizer, blend well on the back of my hand and apply evenly all over my face and neck.  This is a liquid formula and only slightly thins out my moisturizer.

I can’t say for sure that this is giving me any extra colour over the time I’ve been using it, however, it definitely has imparted some radiance on my face. I usually exfoliate on a daily basis so that might be one of the reasons as to why I’m not necessarily seeing that ‘self-tanning’ property that this product claims to have. I may have to start mixing this in with my daytime moisturizer to reap the benefits of the gradual tanning claim.

In any case, I actually do like this product and will continue to use it.  I think now that I am more my normal skintone now and use this in the a.m. AND p.m. I may get more obvious results. In that case, I’ll probably re-purchase this product once I run out of this supply so I have one on hand come fall/winter season to maintain a healthy glow.

I purchased this at Shoppers Drug Mart for $31 Cdn.

I give the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for face: a HIGH FIVE.

Have you tried this product?  Like or dislike?

Thanks for reading!