Mask Mondays: Reviving Face Mask by Baléa

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a Mask Monday post so here you go! Today’s mask I’m trying out is the Reviving Face Mask by Baléa. It has red wine extract, vitamin C and antioxidants which claims to help reveal younger looking skin.


First off, the smell. Holy moly – cherries! Love.

The texture of this is a gel. Quite liquidy, but not so much that it will slide off your face when applied. Not sticky at all. It’s got an orange tinge and when I had this all over my face it looked like I went for a spray tan that went all wrong (I had a good laugh).  I tried to get a decent photo of me with this orangey goo on my face, but I couldn’t get the right lighting – sorry! (Or maybe it’s for the best, ha!)

I left this on for 15 minutes. It doesn’t dry like your typical face mask — it actually stayed pretty wet, with some areas of my face only slightly drying down to a thinner layer. Rinsing this off was a bit of a task — because of its’ slippery consistency, it took a bit of time to actually get the whole thing off my face. But once it was completely rinsed away, it left my skin feeling smooth, quite hydrated, looked a bit brighter and soft.

I waited about 15 minutes after rinsing to see what my skin felt like after rinsing away the mask. It didn’t feel overly stripped of moisture and pretty soft.

I enjoyed trying this mask, but the texture of it is something I’m not used to — I like clay masks personally that dry up. Would I re-purchase this mask? Probably not.

I give the Reviving Face Mask by Baléa: a SHOULDER SHRUG

Have you tried this mask? Like or dislike?

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Mask Mondays: Baléa Anti-Aging Face Mask

Hi Pretties!

I completely forgot to post this yesterday, so here’s a Mask Monday post one day late!:

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Mask Monday post so I thought, hey it’s Monday, I’ll do a mask monday post! It’s not that I haven’t been using masks — I have, once a week — but I haven’t particularly using anything new until today. If you want to catch up on some of the other masks I’ve tried in the past, including one that I’ve been using almost every week (The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay mask) click for the posts!:

Anyway, today I tried the Anti-Aging face mask by Baléa. This one intrigued me for its’ synthetic snake venom ingredient that claims to relax and smooth the skin.


The consistency of this is a translucent, quite sticky (like honey) formula. It has a faint scent to it, a floral one I want to say, but I can’t put my finger on it; quite pleasant actually. I tried to apply this as evenly as possible all over my face but it was a little difficult to see if I was getting an even layer on because it was transparent. I used up the entire package.

As I was applying, I was reading the ingredients and realized that the second and third listed was alcohol – OH NO!  This is probably why I felt substantial tingling as I applied this and for a few minutes after I had it on. I try to stay away from products with alcohol in them — I’ve learned it’s the worst thing you can put on your face. And for an “anti-aging” product, the inclusion of alcohol completely contradicts it’s claim!

I already had it applied so I figured I’d just continue on with it! (but boo on me for not reading the ingredients before hand)

I had this on for a total of 20 minutes as it took longer for it to dry completely despite the 10-15 minutes it says on the packet. Once it was dry, it was quite easy to peel off. Excuse the lighting and the unmatching headband and striped T-shirt!:

After rinsing the excess mask that remained stuck to my eyebrows and sideburns, I was left with very smooth feeling skin. I also noticed that my face did not feel tight or dry afterwards even after I’ve towel-dry-dabbed my face and waited about 10 minutes before applying moisturizer. That was surprising considering the mask had alcohol in it. My face also looked very mattified; again, probably because of the alcohol.

Although I liked how my skin felt and looked after using this mask, I won’t re-purchase this because of the high alcohol content in it.

I give the Baléa Anti-Aging Face mask: a THUMBS DOWN

Have you tried this mask?  How about any of the other masks I’ve tried?  Like or dislike? Any suggestions?

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Mask Mondays: Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea

Hey Pretties!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Mask Monday post, so I as I sit around the home with not much to do, I figured it would be the perfect time to try out something new! Just minutes ago, I looked completely ravishing with the Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea on my face. See?

Looking supremely excited.

Looking supremely excited.

So, I was looking through my stash of face masks and decided upon this particular one because of the “oil removing” promises. This Balea mud mask is infused with tea tree oil which claims to “purify and refresh” the skin — which is totally what I’m in desperate need of these days. Summer has come and with the hotter temperatures, ladies, you know, also comes the case of the greasies on the face. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been contending with breakouts specifically on my chin area. Not happy. And we all know that tea tree oil is great for treating breakouts. It fights those pesky little zit buggers! So, a mask to combat the spots? Sure, why not!

Tea tree oil mask -- fighting off the zits! Grrrrrr!

Tea tree oil mask — fighting off the zits! Grrrrrr!

Anyway, here’s the packaging:

Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea

Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea


Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea

Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea

The photos don’t show the the colour of this mask accurately, however, the mask is a very light blue colour. It smells significantly of tea tree oil — which I actually really really like. It applies like any other mud mask; I used up pretty much the entire sachet, which provided a not-to-thick application on my face. Upon application, it stung a little bit — but I don’t mind that sensation all that much; plus I think it might’ve been because I had double cleansed my face with a cleansing oil and an AHA cleanser right before applying it. The mask dried completely in about 10 minutes; I left it on for 15. I used wet cotton pads to slowly wipe away the majority of the mask (I find this less messy) then rinsed off the remaining bits with warm water.

After drying my face, I checked my zits. Still there. Boo hoo. Of course, I wasn’t expecting them to disappear in one go — BUT wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right? I waited a few minutes to see how my skin felt afterwards — it felt supremely cleansed and fresh and not too tight/dry, which was nice. It definitely left my skin looking matte-er than after just regular cleansing. So I would say yes, this did it’s job of removing the greasies. I followed up with my night time moisturizer.

It’s been about 40 minutes since I’ve had the mask on and my skin feels a bit “tingly fresh” if that makes any sense? A good thing.

Again, with any mask, I’m sure with regular use the benefits would become cumulatively apparent. But with my first try at the Oil Removing Mud Face Mask by Balea, this is one out of the three or four Balea masks that I’ve tried so far that I would definitely re-purchase and use once per week to reap the benefits of tea tree oil when my face needs that sort of treatment.

I give the Oil Removing Mud Face Mask: a STANDING OVATION

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Have you tried this mask? Like/Dislike? What’s your favourite mask and why? What do you use for random, pesky breakouts?

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