About Me

Hello, I’m Tess.

I am NOT a beauty guru, make-up artist, professional beauty product reviewer or anything remotely close to being a professional anything in the beauty universe.

I am, however, a beauty product junkie.  I have a tiny huge obsession with watching YouTube videos on beauty product reviews and tutorials, and then I am usually overcome by the sudden urge to go out to buy and try out the products for myself.

Here, you will find my personal and honest reviews on anything beauty related — make-up, hair care, skin and body care.

Hopefully my reviews will calm a curiosity you have had for a certain product and help you decide whether you want to try it for yourself!

Enjoy 🙂

DISCLAIMER:  Keep in mind that I DO NOT get paid or receive any incentives from any of the product companies whose beauty products I review!


11 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you for the nomination! I will try my best to participate in this soon :). I very much enjoy your blog too! And congrats to you on your nomination – well-deserved as well!!

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