NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder

It’s that time of year (for some of us Canadians anyway) where the snow is about to fall.  That means that our summer tans have faded and we might be looking a little lackluster in the complexion. Not to worry – that’s where bronzers can save us from our paste-y complexions!  And a good option from the drugstore is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder.

Now, I’m pretty new to bronzers and quite honestly, I didn’t realize how many bronzing products are actually out there in makeup land!  From high-end to affordable, there’s something for everyone.

In general, bronzers are meant to give you a ‘sun-kissed’ look.  Basically warm up your face to make you look healthy and alive.  Depending on your skin colour (i.e. light, medium, deep) the shade of bronzer is quite important. Most people complain of a bronzer looking too “orange” on them – and this might be true of a bronzer on let’s say a lighter skin tone, but the same bronzer on a medium/olive skintone can be just perfect.

For me personally, I like this NYC bronzer because:

  • It was around $4 CDN at the drugstore
  • It’s neither muddy (i.e. dirty) or orange on me
  • It blends smoothly
  • Very pigmented and quality is awesome for a super affordable product


On the days I don’t feel like wearing blush but I want some “life” to my face, I’ll pop on this bronzer using the “3” formation on my face (i.e. above temples, cheeks, jawline). This bronzer gives me the slightest amount of sun-kissed-ness that is not overdone and quite natural looking.

This is a really good bronzer for the price.  I’m not sure if this comes in different shades (I have Sunny), but for $4 it’s worth a shot!

Have you tried this bronzer?  Like or dislike?

Thanks for reading!!