NARS lipstick – Banned Red (2016 Spring Collection)

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This review is on the new NARS lipstick in Banned Red:

This shade is part of the NARS 2016 spring collection that includes another lipstick, two lipglosses, a few eyeshadows and a blush.

I’ve always been a sucker for red lipsticks – I admire you ladies who wear red lips on the regular and look awesome doing it! I, on the other hand, am not as confident as you!

I have a handful of red lipstick options in my own lipstick collection, however, I don’t tend to wear them very often. Working in an office setting, a bright bold red lip on me, would seem quite out of place. But with the NARS Banned Red lipstick shade, I think it’s a red that is totally wearable anytime and everywhere.

NARS lipsticks are definitely on the more pricey side of lipsticks but after my first experience with a NARS lipstick in the shade Dolce Vita, I can completely appreciate the price point and the quality of the product.  If you want to read my review on Dolce Vita, click here!

I’ve seen Banned Red described as a “mulled wine” shade.  The best I can describe it is a deep, warm red/brown/copper shade with a satin finish.  I think this would actually look pretty good on any skintone.  This shade has that “90’s” vibe going on – a good mix of the deeper reds and browns that were so “in” those days and have made a comeback again over the last few months – Hello, heard of Kylie Jenner much?  🙂

This formula is very creamy and quite opaque even with one swipe.  I like to apply a few swipes on my lips, then blot it down with a tissue and then reapply one more time. This helps to make the lipstick last a bit longer on me and give me that satin-matte finish that I personally like. The wear time on this is actually very good – maybe a good 4-5 hours before fading – and even after it’s faded or come off, I’m left with a bit of a stain on my lips.  This formula does not dry out my lips, if anything it keeps them quite hydrated because of how creamy it is.

On days where I’m feeling a bit bolder and want my lips to be the focus on my face that day, I will wear Banned Red and not feel too over the top.

Loving this!

You can find NARS Banned Red (along with the rest of the NARS 2016 spring collection) at Sephora for $35 Cdn.

I give the NARS Banned Red lipstick: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this lipstick or any of the NARS products?  Like or dislike?  Suggestions?

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