Living Proof: Full Thickening Cream and Humidity Shield

Today I want to share with you a few products I’ve tried from the Living Proof hair care line that I’m really into:  the Full Thickening Cream and Humidity Shield Spray.

Living Proof is a pricey hair care brand that I stumbled across at Sephora. I picked up a travel-size kit of their “full and thick” range and really liked the Full Thickening Cream from the kit. So I bought the full-size version!

The cream has a lightweight lotion texture and applies smoothly through my towel-dried hair.  About 3/4 of a dime-size is all I need to coat my shoulder length hair from root to tip — which is great because this 3.7 oz bottle for $32 Cdn has lasted me a very long time! It has a pleasant, hair-salon type fragrance.

I’ve tried other thickening creams before and I have to say that this Living Proof one is by far, the best. I actually do see and feel a difference in the texture of my hair — from fine/thin to semi-thick.  Other thickening creams weigh down my hair and make it feel hard, difficult to brush through and unmanageable. Living Proof makes my hair feel thicker but still lightweight, soft and manageable. Very much worth the $32 I spent and will most definitely repurchase once I run out!

I give the Living Proof Full Thickening Cream: a STANDING OVATION

The Living Proof Humidity Shield was an impulse buy – you know, at the Sephora “aisle of doom” while waiting for the cashier to ring up your goodies!  This caught my eye because 1) I got on so well with the LP Thickening Cream, why not try another LP product? and 2) It’s been so extremely humid out lately that this spray might be the answer to tame my frizzies!

This spray really does work wonders on taming frizzies on hot and humid days.  I have naturally wavy hair and most days I like to straighten it, however during very humid days I don’t even bother because soon after flat ironing, the humidity in the air boings my waves through all my hard work — so frustrating!  But with the LP Humidity Shield, I can flat iron my hair on even the most humid day, spray it on, and it literally keeps my hair stick straight.

I spray this on all over my hair as the very last step in my hair styling routine.  Comb it through and it keeps my hair looking and feeling smooth without any feeling of extra product — I don’t know what it is but it’s like spraying nothing on my hair, yet it really does help to keep it smooth all day long.

I bought a sample size of this for $15 and would consider repurchasing the full-size version for $26 Cdn. Again, a little goes a long way with this product too.

Sometimes spending more money on higher quality products are really worth it!  I’m very curious to try some other products from the Living Proof line!

I give the Living Proof Humidity Shield spray:  a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried any of these products?  Like or dislike?  Are there any Living Proof products that you’ve tried and liked?  Recommendations?

Thanks for reading!


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