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A while ago I reviewed the Bioderma Micellar Water and this was my first introduction into the world of micelles!  I have (almost) swore off makeup wipes in favour of using micellar waters on those days/nights when I’m just too lazy to give my face a good “real” cleansing.

I really like the Bioderma but I’m not so fond of the price (around $20 Cdn for 250ml (on sale)). I had my eye on the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water for quite some time and as soon as I ran out of the Bioderma I purchased the Simple one for only $7 Cdn (for almost 200ml):

I’m just going to jump in and say it:  I LOVE THIS STUFF. BETTER THAN BIODERMA! I know, it’s a stretch (because of Bioderma’s cult following), but seriously, the Simple water is so effective at removing all my makeup with ease.  I soak just one round cotton pad, use both sides and my makeup is all gone.  For my waterproof eye makeup, I still go in first with a separate eye makeup remover, but the Simple is able to remove any last bits that may have been left behind.

Also, just comparing the Bioderma to the Simple, I noticed that the Simple has no taste (I will sometimes swipe the waters over my lips to remove lipstick). When I lick my lips after using the Bioderma, it’s like I get a subtle alcohol taste; with Simple, I taste nothing.

Another bonus: Bioderma can leave my face feeling ever so slightly tight after using; Simple does not!

I highly recommend the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water to anyone who wants an alternative to makeup wipes or to the more pricey Bioderma. This is the micellar water I’ll be repurchasing over and over again (dare I say, forever??).  I just wish it came in a bigger bottle!!

I give the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this cleansing water?  Like or dislike?  What’s your fave cleansing water?

Thanks for reading!

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