M.A.C. Sheertone Blush in Gingerly

So one day, I woke up and thought “Today I’m going to treat myself to some M.A.C. cosmetics.” Not even a word of a lie, it was that sudden of a thought and immediately I acted upon it!  On my way to the mall, I knew I wanted to repurchase a long-time favourite M.A.C. foundation of mine – Matchmaster in 5.0 – so that was on my list.  I was also set on finding a springy, peachy toned lipstick (or two!), so that was on my list too. And then I realized that I don’t have a M.A.C. blush in my makeup collection, so I thought I will top off my purchase with a new blush!

By the end of my M.A.C. haul, the blush I ended up with was one called Gingerly:

MAC Sheertone Blush in Gingerly

MAC Sheertone Blush in Gingerly

On the M.A.C. website Gingerly is described as a “capri bronze” colour.  I was attracted to this shade because first, I don’t have anything in my blush collection close to this type of shade – a neutral, muted, peach/nude bronze colour — hard to explain, but when I swatched it in the store, I thought it would be a great colour on my skintone.  This is the kind of colour that would be very versatile — a basic shade that would go well with any makeup look, both natural and bold.

The formula itself is very silky and finely milled, it seems as I don’t experience too much of a powder cloud when I swirl my brush in the compact. This is a “sheertone” finish, which takes a bit of building up to get maximum colour on my cheeks, but even with a light dusting, Gingerly is a great option for a really natural looking flush on my face. It has no hint of pink in it whatsoever, but somehow the neutral peach undertone of Gingerly looks quite like “my cheeks but better”.

Staying power of this blush is on point. I’d say on average, this has lasted on my face for a good 6-7 hours until I see some fading.

I can see myself wearing this blush almost every day, through any season.  I’m glad I bought Gingerly as my first M.A.C. blush — makes me look forward to what my second M.A.C. blush purchase will be!

I give the M.A.C. Sheertone Powder Blush in Gingerly: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried M.A.C. blushes?  What’s your favourite colour?

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