My M.A.C. Lipsticks

Thought I’d share the M.A.C. lipsticks I have in my collection with you!  I have to say that M.A.C. probably has some of the best varieties of colours and formulas out there — everyone is bound to find something they like!

I currently [only] have four M.A.C. lipsticks but I’m pretty sure I’ll be at a M.A.C. counter one day again perusing their display for my next purchase!

L to R:  Shanghai Spice; See Sheer; Twig; Plumful

L to R: Shanghai Spice; See Sheer; Twig; Plumful

Shanghai Spice

I was looking for a semi-sheer, peachy-pink nude colour for the sunnier weather and for easy everyday wear and luckily found Shanghai Spice. One of my favourite lipstick shades is Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Me, but the gold sparkles in the Revlon are so annoying. Shanghai Spice is very close to the Revlon Peach Me shade, but without the glitter so this was an immediate winner in my books!

This shade is a nice, sheer nude that gives me a hint of peachy-pink goodness. It can look a bit too light on my lips, with a potential to wash me out unless I have some good colour on my cheeks or a heavier lined or shadowed eye.

The M.A.C. website describes this colour as a “frosted neutral pink”, but I would say this leans more on the peachy-pink side (on me anyway). This is a cremesheen formula which is quite sheer and natural but buildable and feels very smooth on the lips. I find it has a tiny hint of a frost finish, but nothing over the top.

See Sheer

A little bit bolder and deeper than Shanghai Spice is See Sheer. While having a sheer, peachy nude is great, I wanted something similar but with a bit more punch — again, something perfect for summer wear.

This shade which is a peachy pink (M.A.C. describes it as a “grapefruit pink”) is a nice colour that brightens up my complexion. This can be worn quite sheer, but I feel like building it up on the lips makes for a nicer effect. Against my medium skintone, this works quite well.

This comes in a ‘lustre’ finish, which is semi-creamy, semi glossy. Very comfortable to wear and easy to apply.

L to R: Shanghai Spice; See Sheer; Twig; and Plumful



I was looking for an MLBB shade but something a bit bolder and deeper and I came across Twig. This completely reminds me of the dark red lips I used to wear in high school in the 90’s (how was I so brave then, but so hesitant now??) but not dark red. This more of a deep brown pink shade and I really like to wear this with basically no other colour on my face — mascara, minimal/no blush and this dark-ish bold lip.

M.A.C. describes it as a “soft muted brownish pink” – agree. It comes in a satin finish, but I would say that it actually is more of a demi-matte finish and because of the formulation, this stays quite a long time on my lips, leaves a bit of a stain but doesn’t over dry. I do have to make sure I exfoliate well if I plan to wear Twig because it can easily cling to dry patches on my lips.


This is the first M.A.C. lipstick I ever owned. I actually picked this out when I brought in my six M.A.C. product empties and had a choice for a free lipstick or eye shadow. After trying on maybe a dozen different shades, I settled on Plumful as my first choice!

M.A.C. describes it as a “blossoming rose plum” colour. This is a purpley rose colour that surprisingly isn’t so out there that it’s something I could wear every day if I wanted to. I tend to not look great in purple lipsticks, but this shade pulls a bit of a berry undertone on my lips so I think that’s why it works on me.

Like See Sheer, this comes in a ‘lustre’ finish.

I know my M.A.C. lipstick collection is quite small compared to some of you beauty junkies out there, but believe me, I’ll be building my collection! The colour selection and formula selection of M.A.C. lipsticks are worth the $19 Cdn per lipstick, I would say. The price point is reasonable — right in between drugstore and high end prices.  For the quality of the lipstick, it’s definitely money well spent.

What M.A.C. lipsticks do you own and what’s your favourite?

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “My M.A.C. Lipsticks

  1. Shanghai spice is my favorite out of these! Such a beautiful color! The only Mac lipstick I have is Vegas Volt and I’ve bought it 3 times! I love it! It’s a beautiful orange red.

  2. Now I want all of these! I have kinda sexy, peach blossom, angel, and creme cup. I can’t pick a favorite though, maybe peach blossom since its spring.

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