Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

For a high-end mascara this one has been on the lips (or lashes, more appropriately) of many beauty junkies out there.  I was super excited to find a sample size of this in my April Birchbox.  You all know I’m a total mascara loving freak and I couldn’t wait to try this out!

According to the Sephora website:

What it is:
A mascara inspired by hair rollers, this super-curling and lifting mascara gives a sexy, wide-eyed look. Its patent-pending Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush features tiny custom-designed hooks to catch, lift, and curl even short and straight lashes.

What it does:
Bye-bye, eyelash curler! Roller Lash not only lifts and super-curls, but this instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours, is easy to remove, and contains provitamin B5 and serine, known for their lash-conditioning benefits.

I am very particular about mascaras — I’m always looking for one that lengthens, curls and seperates. The Benefit Roller Lash DEFINITELY delivers on all fronts!

I wasn’t too surprised that it would work great because of the design of the brush. First off, it’s a rigid plastic material with very short bristles — in my experience mascara brushes that are designed this way are the best for getting right to the root of the lash, pulling up to separate with minimal/no clumps and lengthening.

The formula is great. Not clumpy, not too wet. And it’s not marketed as waterproof, however, I find that being a waterproof mascara lover myself, this lasted all day long, with out flaking or smudging whatsoever.  Very impressive!

There are so many awesome drugstore mascaras out there that work really well for me and I won’t be giving up on them any time soon!  But if I ever had the urge to splurge on a high-end mascara the Benefit Roller Lash is definitely on the top of my list!  For now though, I hope this this little sample size lasts me a while… I don’t know though because I’ve been using it every single day since I got it!

This retails for $29 Cdn at Sephora.

I give the Benefit Roller Lash mascara: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this yet?  Like or dislike?

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  1. Have you heard of this 3D fiber mascara from Younique? I’m totally in love! The fibers are 100% black green tea fibers and you use it with their gel. It is $29, but it gives you the volume and length plus it has totally eliminated my need for a curler (no joke check out my blog and video here: Plus it lasts you 3+ months and comes with a bitchin case! This stuff will not smudge! Plus they have a great return policy so if it doesn’t work out and you decide to return it within 14 days you get a full refund (no questions asked) and after 30-90 days you still get an 80% refund!

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