Beauty Blender and Solid Blender Cleanser

Wow. Just a taaaaaad late on the Beauty Blender bandwagon, I am!  But I’m finally on and I totally see why people go crazy for this cute little egg-shaped thing.

I was lucky enough to recieve this set — the Beauty Blender and a mini Solid Blender Cleanser in my March Birchbox.

I’m pretty much banking on the idea that MOST of you, if not all of you reading this have already at least heard of the BB and maybe have even used it.  I know I’ve become pretty ‘UGH!’ whenever I read or hear things about the BB but now I know exactly why people rave about it.

Used dampened, this little tool applies liquid and cream products to my face like a dream!  I have yet to find a formula that doesn’t apply well with the BB. I’ve used it with matte foundations, dewy foundations, and tinted moisturizers. Using the BB to apply these, gives me a seamless nearly flawless coverage. I use a light bouncing motion to apply my base and swipe lightly around my hairline and jawline to blend into those areas seamlessly.

I’ve used this to apply concealer under my eyes — smoothes out like no finger or brush can!

I’ve also used this to apply cream blush. Wow. Absolutely makes harsh lines disappear and allows for a sheer, natural looking coverage.

I have to say… this has put my foundation makeup brushes to sleep for longer than usual! I can definitely justify the $26 Cdn this costs now. Would I purchase if/when the one I have finally breaks down?  YES!

And as for the Solid Blender Cleaner. This little soap cleans the BB so easily and thoroughly. It smells like lavender.  Yes.  I believe a regular size of this soap sells at Sephora for $20 Cdn. Would I buy when my little sample size runs out. YES!

I give the Beauty Blender and Solid Blender Cleanser: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried the BB?  What do you think of it?

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Blender and Solid Blender Cleanser

  1. (Ayyy, finally got the chance to visit your blog after following you on IG for who-knows-how-long!)

    Ahhhh, the beauty blender. STILL NOT CONVINCED, TBH. Sure, it sounds like a dream to use, especially with making heavier bases look more natural and ‘seamless’, but it seems like such a hassle to clean! (Especially since I’m one of those lazy people who occasionally buys new brushes instead of washing used ones @_@) And, I’ve heard reports of mold due to improper storage!

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