Rimmel BB Cream Radiance

Spring is here! Finally! We are slowly thawing out of the deep freeze of winter and this makes me very happy. Along with sunnier, fresher weather comes my craving to switch to a lighter coverage in makeup. Push aside the foundations… tinted moisturizers and BB creams will most likely be making their way onto my skin more often now as the weather warms up.

My newest BB cream try is the Rimmel BB Cream Radiance.

According to the Rimmel website:

Wake up your skin and give it a healthy glow with this 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup!

This BB Cream primes, smoothes and gives a radiant finish. Awakens tired skin and brightens the skin with vitamin C complex. Conceals and helps minimise the appearance of pores. Provides natural looking coverage and moisturises for 24 hours.

What I like about BB creams/tinted moisturizers is that they can still give decent coverage but leaves my skin still looking like my skin. I actually find this formula has a thicker consistency than most BB creams/tinted moisturizers I own and it provides coverage most similar to a light-medium coverage foundation.

This formula leaves my skin more even-toned, cancelling out any redness I have (i.e. around the nose, forehead and cheeks). The finish is defintely one that is dewy and radiant — but bordering on greasy looking.  Not good. On intial application, I find that this tends to feel a bit tacky. I find after about 5 minutes as it settles onto my face, the result is glowy looking skin but still a little tacky.

One downside is that there are only two colour shades – Light and Medium (I have Medium). As with most Rimmel face bases, their colour selection is not the widest in variety, but I’ve lucked out in a few Rimmel bases, finding some pretty decent matches to my skintone. I also found that this BB cream tends to oxidize a little bit after it sets. But in the end, the shade isn’t a great match for my skintone — it leaves a bit of a grey/white-cast which is not a great finish for me (or for anyone for that matter).

I’ve applied this with my fingers and also with a buffing brush — both methods are fine; I prefer using the brush however, as it gives a more even and seamless coverage.

Would I repurchase?  Probably not. This BB cream is just not for me.  However, I think those with drier skin may get on quite well with this BB cream as the texture is quite moisturizing; those with oilier skintypes may not like this too much. Me, having combo skin, I find that the finish is dewy, but moreso on the greasy looking side. And again, the colour alone is just not a great match for me.

In my opinion, I think someone with a normal to dry skintype might find this OK. And those with a more light-medium skintone as opposed to a medium skintone might be a better colour match too.

I purchased this at Shoppers Drug Mart for $5.99 Cdn (on sale). This is an OK option if you have normal to dry skin and you’re looking for something less heavy to wear on the skin but still gives decent coverage.

I give the Rimmel BB Cream Radiance: a SHOULDER SHRUG.

Have you tried this BB cream?  Like or dislike?

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6 thoughts on “Rimmel BB Cream Radiance

  1. I experience similar problems with Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer- it made my combi skin look oily. The advise given to me by a staff at Sephora is to dab translucent loose powder over the moisturizer. It worked so I guess the same can be applied to Rimmel BB cream? The same for those using BB Cushion from Laneige. The sales lady had advised my friend to dust on translucent loose powder for a matt look. 😊 If you are trying out this method, please let us know if it worked!

    • I usually do a light dusting of setting powder over my foundation/bb/tinted moisturizer anyway especially on my t-zone where I am the most oily. I did try it with this Rimmel BB too, but as soon as the powder faded, it left my skin looking oilier than normal. Plus, the colour match like I said isn’t great for me anyway, so this will definitely be going in my ‘giveaway/get rid of’ pile – won’t be reaching for this one ever again! Thanks for the comment and reading my review 🙂

      • Oooh… then I’m staying away from this too… my face can get terribly oily at times and I won’t wanna look like an oily wok… 😅

        • Yeah, even though I’m combo, come summer time I tend to be more oily. It’s too bad, because I really like the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and I was hoping the two of these would work well together and possibly be my summertime face base go-to, but the BB just doesn’t work for me. Oh well, I didn’t waste TOO much money on it, so I don’t feel that bad.

  2. I have tried this once in the light shade and it seemed to be a little dark for me yet lol. I think I will give it a try again when I get some more color. 🙂

  3. After a couple of trials, I came to the conclusion I’m not the one for BB creams. It’s not only the fact they give almost no coverage, but there’s something in the formula that always gives me a sort of ‘tired, next to ill’ look…

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