Beauty Blender and Solid Blender Cleanser

Wow. Just a taaaaaad late on the Beauty Blender bandwagon, I am!  But I’m finally on and I totally see why people go crazy for this cute little egg-shaped thing.

I was lucky enough to recieve this set — the Beauty Blender and a mini Solid Blender Cleanser in my March Birchbox.

I’m pretty much banking on the idea that MOST of you, if not all of you reading this have already at least heard of the BB and maybe have even used it.  I know I’ve become pretty ‘UGH!’ whenever I read or hear things about the BB but now I know exactly why people rave about it.

Used dampened, this little tool applies liquid and cream products to my face like a dream!  I have yet to find a formula that doesn’t apply well with the BB. I’ve used it with matte foundations, dewy foundations, and tinted moisturizers. Using the BB to apply these, gives me a seamless nearly flawless coverage. I use a light bouncing motion to apply my base and swipe lightly around my hairline and jawline to blend into those areas seamlessly.

I’ve used this to apply concealer under my eyes — smoothes out like no finger or brush can!

I’ve also used this to apply cream blush. Wow. Absolutely makes harsh lines disappear and allows for a sheer, natural looking coverage.

I have to say… this has put my foundation makeup brushes to sleep for longer than usual! I can definitely justify the $26 Cdn this costs now. Would I purchase if/when the one I have finally breaks down?  YES!

And as for the Solid Blender Cleaner. This little soap cleans the BB so easily and thoroughly. It smells like lavender.  Yes.  I believe a regular size of this soap sells at Sephora for $20 Cdn. Would I buy when my little sample size runs out. YES!

I give the Beauty Blender and Solid Blender Cleanser: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried the BB?  What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading!



Tarte Skintuitive Lip and Cheek Set – Energy

I got this cute little set from my one of my best friends, Jenn (a.k.a. fellow makeup junkie) and thought I’d do a review on it! It’s the Tarte Skintuitive Lip & Cheek Set – Energy:

On the Sephora website:

Tarte Cheek Stain – Energy:

What it is: A cheek stain that responds to the skin’s natural pH for a truly customized complexion anytime, anywhere.

What it does: Impart a natural-looking flush that’s all your own with this deluxe cheek stain that’s formulated with skintuitive™ technology. This unique blush works with your skin’s natural pH to impart a customized shade of pink. Enriched with tarte’s proprietary t5 super fruit complex™, the straight-to-cheek applicator supports antiaging and features skin-restoratives with every mess-free application.

What it is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Phthalates

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint:

What it is:
A lip tint that delivers a personalized shade of pink and a proprietary blend of plant bionutrients, vitamins, and essential oils.

What it does:
Like all LipSurgence™ lip tints, this one combines pure color with natural moisturizers and glides on smooth for a sheer finish. The ethereal hue complements every skintone to deliver a natural-looking glow and brighter complexion—customized just for you! The skintuitive™ formula responds to your skin’s natural pH and energy, giving you a personalized tint that is truly your own unique shade of pink. Bonus: you can bump up the intensity of the color with an extra swipe.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
LipSurgence is powered by a proprietary blend of plant bionutrients, vitamins, and essential oils rich in emollients. Quickly absorbing into lips delivering a surge of moisture, it supports the production of collagen and peptides and effectively increases your skin’s water-content for a plumped-up appearance along with a natural taste of mint. The result is naturally fuller, healthier lips without any irritation or stinging.

What I love about this duo is its’ ease of application and that it provides a natural, no-brainer makeup look!  The packaging is so mini and cute and is great for popping in your makeup bag (or even your pocket!).

Shade-wise, this duo provides a classic pink flush to my cheeks and to my lips. I have a medium skintone and once applied, the blush sets on me to look like I just finished a workout or have come inside from a brisk, wintery walk; the lip balm sets on my lips with a natural pink tone that slightly enhances the pink in my lips. Just a very natural “no-makeup makeup” effect.

The cheek stain applies smoothly. I dab the applicator onto the applies of my cheeks to get a good amount of pink and simply use my fingers to swirl the blush on my cheeks and upwards, or use a beauty blender.  It leaves a skin-like, dewy finish. Doesn’t feel sticky or tacky.  I love using this blush tint over a foundation that is matte or demi-matte on my skin because it takes away the “flatness” that a matte base can leave — adds some dimension and dewiness back into my face.

The lip tint applies easy and smooth as well. Just a couple swipes of this across my lips is enough to give me a good amount of hydration and colour. Definitely a buildable colour, but I prefer it subtle on me. A bit of a ‘minty’ feel, you know the kind in some lip products that tingle? But nothing overwhelming or uncomfortable.

Currently, I have this tucked away in my makeup bag — such a handy little set to carry around for any touchups in case I need.

I give the Tarte Skintuitive Lip & Cheek Set – Energy: a HIGH FIVE

Have you tried these products?  Like or dislike?  Any other Tarte products worth recommeding?

Thanks for reading!

March Birchbox 2015

Hi again!  Here’s a quick review on the products I recieved last month in my March Birchbox! If you read my February Birchbox post you’ll know that I had some issues with delivery and customer service but I’m happy to report that my March box arrived with no problems!

Harvey Prince perfume – Imperial Gardenia

Not a big fan of this perfume as I’m not a one-note-floral type gal. I like the smell of gardenias — especially candles scented like them, but not so much as a perfume.

ModelCo. Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Peony

This lipstick has a smooth and creamy formula that I would call demi-matte, not completely matte. The shade is a deep, bright pink that would be a great colour for spring/summer. For someone who likes a bold pink lip, this is definitely a thumbs up.

Beauty Blender with Solid soap cleaner

Oh. My. Gosh. The best product in my March Birchbox!  For a whole year, I hummed and hawed about whether I should get a Beauty Blender because at $26Cdn a pop, I thought that was pretty insane for a dinky little sponge. Now I see the hype — this little egg is amazing for applying foundation and cream blush. Seamless, even, natural coverage. And the little soap that comes with it is amazing for fast and thorough cleanup of the sponge. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review on this little baby soon!

No.4 Hydrating Shampoo

Nothing too exciting to say about this shampoo. It cleaned my hair well and left it feeling soft.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate

A bit disappointed that the size this came in was so teeny tiny that it only lasted me a few days (used on my face and my hands).  This is a nice, light-weight lotion that hydrates well and left my skin feeling soft. Nothing too extraordinary about this lotion but I also don’t have anything bad to say about it either.

I forgot to mention in my February post how much I like the boxes that these items come in!  They’re the perfect size for storing makeup and skincare items or any sort of little items for that matter! And they’re cute too, coming in different patterns and colours each month.

There you have it!  Can’t wait to receive and review April’s Birchbox!

Thanks for reading, Pretties!