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I’ve never been one to fuss over my nails. Manicures? Pfft. This past year however, I slowly became more interested in wearing nailpolish of the do-it-yourself variety and my nailpolish collection has quickly grown in the last few months. At this point, I am probably changing my nail colour at least once a week!

One thing that is a must have for every nailpolish-obsessed out there is a good quality, fast-drying, long-lasting top coat. And this is DEFINITELY it:  Seche Vite!

Seche Vite

Seche Vite fast dry top coat

I’m sure most of us beauty bloggers have heard/seen/tried Seche Vite at one point. I had heard so much hype around how well this top coat performs in terms of fast-drying and providing longer, chip-resistant nailpolish wear. I searched everywhere for this whenever I went shopping and luckily found it one day at my local Superstore. I immediately grabbed it. However, I noticed the price — $11.99 Cdn. For a top coat?  That seemed quite on the high-end for me.  Hmm, whatever… I bit the bullet and dished out the money because I wanted to see if Seche Vite really lives up to its hype.

Yes. Yes it does.

I have had NO issues with chipping since using Seche Vite with any nail polish brand I use (Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Revlon, L’oreal, NYC, Essie). I believe this top coat is what allows my nailpolish to stay on for at least a whole week (if not more sometimes).

As far as its fast-dry claims? Yes! This makes my nailpolish dry to the touch only 2 minutes after I’ve applied it onto wet/semi-wet nails and I’d say fully dry after about 20 minutes at most. By my standards, I’d say that’s pretty good for time!

The only negative thing I have to say about Seche Vite is the smell. It has much more of a chemical smell than your typical nailpolish or nailpolish base/top coat does. It’s really not that bad but it may bother some — just something to be aware of if you decide to purchase.

I will definitely continue to use this as my top coat! So glad I found it.

I give Seche Vite: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried Seche Vite? Like or dislike?

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  1. This is the top coat I also use. I used to use Essie Good to Go, but I heard so many good things about this one. You’re definitely right about the chemical smell, but it does dry just a bit faster than the Essie. When I first bought this, my first thought was actually how cheap it is – it’s < $5 USD on Amazon (where I bought it) in the States!

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