Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White

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Today I thought I’d mix it up and do a review on some scents that I’ve been loving lately. I’m sure everyone has seen, heard and/or even smelled the fragrance launched by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (yes, the Full House twins!) called Nirvana Black and Nirvana White.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and White rollerball set

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and White rollerball set

I was wandering around Sephora a few months back in the summer time and came across the Nirvana display. Upon reading the scent qualities of both Nirvana scents I was excited to sample them and love them both — each one was definitely perfumes that had scent qualities that I am usually attracted to and find works the best with my own body chemistry.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to grab a cute little rollerball set from Sephora during their VIB sale (thanks Jen!) that gave me an additional 20% off from this $24 set!  Gives me a chance to have both to really get a feel for how they work on me.


On the Sephora website Nirvana Black is described as follows:

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

Notes: Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Style: Sensual. Mysterious. Warm

Nirvana Black is probably the favourite of the two. The ‘Style’ description that Sephora gives it is perfect — definitely more on the warm side; something I could see wearing for a more formal night out or even just an everyday autumn/winter scent under a cozy sweater. I’m really into musky warm scents and this one is, however, it still has enough of a warm fresh essence that is quite wearable and casual, that it is something I have been reaching for during the day time. Wearing this scent makes me feel powerful in a way — like I have control of things.  Isn’t that weird how perfume can instantly transform how you feel?

I’ve been rationing the little Nirvana Black rollerball because I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon that I’ll be able to indulge myself on the full-size perfume of this magnificent fragrance! I’d say the lasting power on this is pretty good; but because I haven’t been applying too much I can’t say for certain of its true lasting power. The little dab that I do put on however, I can get a good 7 hours adequate ‘sniff me’ time before it’s completely faded.


On the Sephora website Nirvana White is described as follows:

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication.

Notes: Peony, Muguet, Tender Musk.

Style: Sophisticated. Feminine. Captivating.

Nirvana White is an awesome scent. This is the lighter, ‘easier’ to wear of the two — much more of a day time, everyday scent but still has those musky, rich fragrant qualities that I tend to like in a perfume. I feel like White can be worn all year long, through any season. It is definitely a feminine scent, with a bit of toughness thrown in there — love it!

I’ve been wearing this almost everyday since I bought it — very wearable and casual.

At Sephora, both Nirvanas come in an eau du parfum for $90 Cdn or a perfume oil for $42 Cdn. One of these days… I’ll get my hands on full-sizes of both these lovelies!!!

I give the Nirvana Black and White Rollerball Perfumes: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried these perfumes?  Like or dislike – one or both?

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