Current Obsession and Review: The Body Shop Shea line

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Alas. Yet another blog post on products from The Body Shop. No, I do not work there (although maybe I should, considering how much I buy and love their stuff!) and No, everything I review/have reviewed I have purchased on my own free will, with the pennies out of my own little pockets. I just really love their stuff!

Today, it’s all about their Shea line — body butter, hand cream and body lotion.

With winter here, I wanted something that would help with drier skin but also smell like, well, winter. Not sure what it is, but the Shea scent from TBS delivers on both those wishes. The scent of TBS’ Shea is so warm and comforting — it’s like there’s a hint of lavender in there that makes me feel so cozy and all fuzzy-wuzzy when I catch a sniff of it.

The SheaΒ Body Butter is rich and creamy, as with all TBS body butters. I like this one in particular for the colder months; I keep this jar on my bedside table — before going to bed I slather this onto my legs and arms and wake up to smooth and hydrated skin. And like I said, the lavender-ish scent is a treat before sleep as it helps me get my zzzz’s on.Β  As you can see from the photo, I need to get me some more of this goodness.

For daytime use I really like the Shea Body WhipΒ Lotion. It’s much lighter in texture than the body butter which makes it great for hopping out of the shower because of quick application. I can still wrap myself up in that wonderful Shea scent, but without having that “thicker” feeling of the body butter before putting on my clothes. Lighter in consistency, but still very much delivers on hydration.

And last but not least, the Shea Hand Cream. Much like the body lotion, the hand cream is quite light in texture, almost water-like, but still provides very good hydration and that smell… oh that smell!!

If you’re wondering I have also tried TBS Shea Shower Cream, Bar Soap and Beautifying Oil. Love!

Have you tried any of the Shea products? Like or dislike? What are your favourite TBS products?

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