Mask Mondays: Reviving Face Mask by Baléa

Hey Pretties!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Mask Monday post so here you go! Today’s mask I’m trying out is the Reviving Face Mask by Baléa. It has red wine extract, vitamin C and antioxidants which claims to help reveal younger looking skin.


First off, the smell. Holy moly – cherries! Love.

The texture of this is a gel. Quite liquidy, but not so much that it will slide off your face when applied. Not sticky at all. It’s got an orange tinge and when I had this all over my face it looked like I went for a spray tan that went all wrong (I had a good laugh).  I tried to get a decent photo of me with this orangey goo on my face, but I couldn’t get the right lighting – sorry! (Or maybe it’s for the best, ha!)

I left this on for 15 minutes. It doesn’t dry like your typical face mask — it actually stayed pretty wet, with some areas of my face only slightly drying down to a thinner layer. Rinsing this off was a bit of a task — because of its’ slippery consistency, it took a bit of time to actually get the whole thing off my face. But once it was completely rinsed away, it left my skin feeling smooth, quite hydrated, looked a bit brighter and soft.

I waited about 15 minutes after rinsing to see what my skin felt like after rinsing away the mask. It didn’t feel overly stripped of moisture and pretty soft.

I enjoyed trying this mask, but the texture of it is something I’m not used to — I like clay masks personally that dry up. Would I re-purchase this mask? Probably not.

I give the Reviving Face Mask by Baléa: a SHOULDER SHRUG

Have you tried this mask? Like or dislike?

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