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Hey Pretties!

I thought I would start a little series on some different brands of makeup/skincare that I’ve been using and enjoying. Most of the brands will be drugstore, easily accessible and affordable products.. simply because the majority of my makeup/skincare collection is just that!

NOTE: I have not been sponsored by Essence Cosmetics to do this post and all the products shown here I have purchased with my own gosh-darned-it money!



Essence Cosmetics is a brand exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada) — I think, as I have not seen it at any other retailers other than SDM. It is one of THE most affordable lines of makeup I have ever come across!

At first glance of the Essence display it looks a bit juvenile and targeted to young girls — some of us “older” Pretties (ahem, ahem.. me) may not immediately be drawn to the display.  However, if you look closer, you’ll be happy to find some really great quality makeup products at ridiculously affordable prices. I have never yet seen Essence products go on sale — I think because the price point is already so low that anyone can afford to try these out. I don’t think I’ve seen any product priced higher than $4.99 Cdn!

I have not tried all their makeup products, but I think I’ve got a good handle on what some of their products can deliver.

Their blushes are OUTSTANDING. For the price range from around $2.99 to $4.99 Cdn, seriously some of the best blushes in my opinion. They are silky, pigmented, stay on all day long and cheap!!


Eyeliners and lipliners are another strong point of the Essence line. Their pencil liners in particular glide on smooth, good colour pay-off and have some decent staying power. They come in many colours. Around $2-$3 Cdn!

Nailpolishes are great – for $1.99 Cdn each – c’mon now, you can’t beat that price. You get a smaller amount than a typical nailpolish bottle-size, but who goes through a whole bottle of nailpolish anyway? Formula and colours are great! The dark red one I have here was priced at $3.99 — part of their Limited Edition Dark Romance line. Still! Under $5 for a nailpolish? Yes please!

One of the best products I’ve come across from Essence are their nail droppers — these make any home mani a lot more convenient because this little product can help dry your nails to the touch in about 2 minutes! I’ve gone through one bottle and have 2 more in my nail fun stash! And it only costs $2.99 Cdn!

I’ve got one single eyeshadow and it is a pretty decent formula for no more than $3 Cdn. I’d be interested to try out a few more if they come out with some more matte or neutral shades.

And with eyeshadow, you need eye primer! This was actually my first Essence purchase ever — for $3.49 Cdn this is probably one of the best eye primers I’ve tried. I’ll even stand it up against the iconic Urban Decay eye primer ($14-$24 Cdn at Sephora); and it works just as well as Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray ($30 Cdn at Sephora).

They’ve got a nice selection of lipglosses and lipsticks — decent colour range and various formulas. The lipstick I picked up is a creamy, semi-long wearing lipstick — and it was only $2.99 Cdn!

Essence also does face powders. This one I have is a transluscent powder that intends to mattify; good for touch-ups throughout the day without compromising any other makeup you might be wearing. For only about $4 Cdn — awesome.

They’ve got a small selection of other face powders (i.e. bronzers and pressed powders)

And guess what? They do fragrance too!

Essence Cosmetics also comes out with Limited Edition sets every so often — the ombre effect blush I have above is from an LE summer 2014 collection and the dark red nailpolish is from an LE fall 2014 line — so watch out for those special products!  Prices are just as good as their regular line!

You’ll find a good range of nailpolishes, lip products, face powders, blushes, mascaras, eye and lip liners, concealers, liquid liners, and even pencil sharpeners and nail art (and tools!)

If you’ve come across the Essence Cosmetics display and wondered about some of their products, I hope my post has helped you out even a little bit. Sometimes really cheap, affordable makeup doesn’t mean it’s cheap quality — I think Essence Cosmetics is a great brand that can stand up to a lot of the other higher-priced drugstore brands on the market!

Have you tried any Essence Cosmetics products?  Likes or dislikes?

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Peek into a brand: Essence Cosmetics

  1. Thanks for this post! I definitely want to try out their products! I came across them in Ulta the other day and now I know which ones to look for. 😉 xo

  2. Love Essence products! The only exception for me is that their eye shadow primer made my shadow wear time far worse – that being said it performed exactly as well for me as the UDPP, which also didn’t work at all! I think my lids don’t need the primer, no matter what the cost. If you do like UDPP however, give the Essence a shot for sure. How do you like the fragrance? The notes look pretty.

    • Oh no, that’s unfortunate about the eyeshadow primer! It seems to work well for me and does make my shadow last longer and look more pigmented. I like the fragrance – I bought this on a whim just to try it out. It seems to have a mix of floral, fruity and musky notes, more on the fruity side though. It’s not too sweet; warm fruit smell if that makes any sense. I like it but I don’t love it.

      Thanks for reading!

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