Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner

Hey Pretties!

I like eyeliner. I just don’t think it likes me. I have a tiny stash of eyeliners – about 2 pencils and 2 liquid pen liners, however, I don’t use them because I am a self-proclaimed eyeliner noob. Sometimes I can get a decent looking upper lid line, but let’s be honest — my hand is not steady most of the time to perfect that look! Gah!

Until I met this little wonder: Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner


Perfect size!

Perfect size!

Knowing that I have a hard time with a steady hand while using a full-size pencil/pen eyeliner, I thought maybe a liner that was smaller would help me out. I was right! The size of this Milani eyeliner is perfect for those of us just learning to apply liquid eyeliner and/or those of us who just can’t seem to get a handle on a traditional sized eyeliner pen/pencil.

The Milani Eye Tech’s felt tip draws out the perfect amount of liquid liner to get a precise thin line. It comes out easily with no patchiness on the lid. The staying power of this is amazing – wearing this from 7am in the morning to 5pm at night, I experience no smudging or budging.

However, when I did wipe off the swatch on my arm below, all it took was a bit of pressure and some tissue and water to get it off. So I’m not sure how this would hold up on really hot/sweaty days or after rubbing your eyelids with any degree of pressure.

A little wonky, but this is one swipe. Very nice true black.

A little wonky, but this is one swipe. Very nice true black.

Before using this, you have to give it a few good shakes to get the liquid coming out the right shade of true black. You will be able to hear the liquid mixing around thanks to a little metal or plastic ball that helps to get the liquid going. It took about 12 swatches of grey/faint black until the true black colour came through.

I completely love this eyeliner. It’s the perfect size for a liquid eyeliner novice like myself to get some good practice in. And I think for anyone who is already a pro at applying liner, this will be an easy product to use.

I purchased this from Superstore for $10.99 Cdn.

I give the Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this product?  Like or dislike?  Any other “small”-sized liquid eye liner suggestions?

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