Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

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This is a fun little post for me because it’s not about makeup or skincare as usual, but about a little makeup tool that I’ve fallen in love with in only a few days time – the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

The Real Tecniques brand is founded by Nic and Sam Chapman – makeup artist sisters, also known colloaboratevly as Pixiwoo (check out their YouTube channel!). I’ve heard so many great things about the Real Techniques makeup brushes and rightfully so, they are so good and so affordable!

Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of hype around the infamous Beauty Blender sponge — you know the one for like, $20-$25 or something?  Lots of great reviews on this little sponge, but I was not willing to dish out $25 for something that I may not like. So, with my keen research skills, I found out that the RT Miracle Sponge has been reviewed and hailed as a pretty close dupe to the Beauty Blender — and at half the price $10!  That sounded good to me!

Essentially this sponge is egg-shaped, with pointed ends and a flat, diagonal side. The one I bought was little deformed, but once I dampened it with water, it bounced into the proper shape. It feels quite soft, but dense (some reviewers say the RT is much denser than the BB sponge). The sponge must be dampened with water (squeeze out the excess!) before each use. I’ve only used this with liquid foundation, however, Sam Chapman suggests that the sponge can be used to apply powder products as well (I will link a short YouTube video below).

Sponge when dry!

Sponge when dry!


Sponge when wet!

Sponge when wet!

For easy application, I do the normal dot-dot-dot some foundation on my face and then proceed to use the flat side of the RT sponge to dab/press in the foundation until I get an even coverage all over my face. Wow – the finish I get with this applicator is flawless!  Too flawless, I find, that once I’ve pressed all the foundation into my face, I actually take the sponge and lightly swipe it all over, to give me more of a natural finish.

I haven’t sworn off my makeup brushes for applying foundation, but this RT sponge is proving to be quite a star on my dressing table!

Cleaning the sponge is pretty easy too — I take my usual baby shampoo (what I use for all my makeup brushes) and clean the sponge with that. I find it won’t completely remove all the foundation that’s set in — inevitably it will stain over time, but I’ve been trying to wash after every use and I’ve managed to get out most of the foundation each time.  Oh, and even wtih some rough wringing and squeezing… I’ve had no issues with the sponge breaking apart.

I would defnitely repurchase and actually, I’m thinking about buying another one just so I have 2 on the go!!

I give the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: a STANDING OVATION

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P.S. Here’s the YouTube link to Sam Chapman showing a short demo on how to use the Real Techniques sponge:


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    • It’s a great sponge! Having not tried the Beauty Blender, I am really liking this nonetheless. And for half the price of a BB, can’t go wrong!

      Thanks for reading!

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