Monthly Favourites: July

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Here are my favourite skin, face, body, and hair products for the month of July, with some brief thoughts about each one. Plus, one favourite random product thrown in at the end!

July Favourites:  Living Proof Thickening Cream; Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion; The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil; Real Techniques Buffing Brush

July Favourites: Living Proof Thickening Cream; Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion; The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil; Real Techniques Buffing Brush

SKIN: Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion

Really enjoying this toner! If you want to read my full review on this and why I love it so much click HERE! Lucky for you, I just did a recent post on this product!

FACE:  Real Techniques Buffing Brush

The Real Techniques Buffing Brush has changed my mind about applying foundation. I was always partial to using my fingers (which I still do prefer) however, this brush gives such a great finish when I use it for any foundation I use. Been using this for most of July and I haven’t had any issues with shedding, even after giving it at least 4 good washes already throughout the month!

BODY:  The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil

If you’re the kind of person that can’t be bothered with lotioning after a shower because it just takes too much time, this oil will help you out! I think this might be my third bottle of this stuff since last Christmas — I love it! You can see in the photo that this one is almost done and I’ve got a Brazil Nut oil waiting for me in my back-up stash!!

If you want to read my original review on this, click HERE!

HAIR:  Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

This little miracle product came in a Living Proof travel/trial set I purchased from Sephora for $35Cdn. The set came with a Living Proof Full Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, the Thickening Cream, a Root Boost spray and a Primer. For a person with fine, thin hair, I’m always looking for products that pump up the volume and make my hair look thicker. So far, out of the Living Proof set, I am really enjoying the Thickening Cream. A small amount — about a dime-size dollop — is more than enough for my almost-shoulder length hair. It gives a bit of a “stiff” feeling to my hair after blow-drying, but after using my straightener and combing through, it leaves my hair feeling and looking thicker. It has a really nice scent to it, almost citrusy and minty — same as the shampoo and conditioner. Definitely considering purchasing a full-size version of this hair thickener!

RANDOM FAVOURITE: Kicking Horse Coffee

I am a coffee freak. I need me a coffee at least once a day, especially in the morning. Do you know anyone with a Starbucks GOLD CARD because they buy so much coffee there?  Well, now you do… ME!!

If I’m not buying my coffee at Starbucks, I’m brewing it at home and the brand that I purchase the most (and loving this month) is Kicking Horse Coffee. The brand has a wide variety of beans — from light roasts to dark roasts, even decaf. My personal favourite is Three Sisters which is a medium roast, but the one I have here is a light roast I thought I’d try, Kootenay Crossing, and I’m loving it so far!

Kicking Horse coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade and also roasted in Canada – yeah!!

There you have it! My July favourites!

What are yours?

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Bioderma: Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel and Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion

Hi Pretties!

Trying out new skincare products is probably more fun for me than trying out new makeup products. Finding great skincare products that do the job right without any skin reaction is awesome, right? I’ve stumbled across two products from Bioderma that I think might find it’s way permanently in my skincare stash and routine for years and years to come. I’ve been using these products for approximately one month:  Bioderma Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel and Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion.

Us beauty bloggers know, Bioderma is probably the most known for their miceller water cleanser. I have not tried this and honestly don’t have any aching urge to, but lots of people are in love with that product. When I was coming very close to running out of cleanser and toner, I decided to take a trip down the more prestige ailse of SDM and stumbled upon the Bioderma brand.

Bioderma Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel

This cleanser is geared towards oily/combination skin. It comes in a 100 ml squeeze tube for $6.95 Cdn. This blue gel lathers up very well, I wouldn’t describe it as a foam, just more of a lather. It’s got a slight scent to it; not overwhelming or offensive at all. I really like using this cleanser — about a dime-size glob is the right amount to get a good lather going. It rinses off amazingly well and does not leave my skin feeling too tight and dry or too squeaky clean. Just clean. Very nice.

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t like to spend an arm and leg on cleansers, then this is a good, basic option for some simple, clean feeling skin! I would definitely be repurchasing.

I give the Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel: a STANDING OVATION

Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion

I’ve always thought toners were an extra step that was a complete waste of time. But after doing my research and trying a few out, I really liked the way my skin felt after a few swipes of toner. I came across the Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Moisturizing Toning Lotion and since I liked the foaming gel so much, I thought I’d give this toner a try (and I had just finished the toner I was using at the time). At $21.95 Cdn I thought “Whoa!” but finding a good, alcohol-free toner with some decent skin-benefiting ingredients is hard to come by. This is formulated for sensitive, dehydrated skin — I don’t necessarily have sensitive skin, however, dehydration is something that I’m pretty sure all of us suffer from whether we know it or not.

I’m glad I bought this. I’ve completely gotten over the sticker shock of the price because this toner is awesome!

After cleansing, I squeeze about two quarter-size drops onto a large cotton-pad and wipe all over my face. There is a subtle scent to this toner, but nothing too strong. This makes my face feel that much more extra clean without leaving it tight or dry. It also removes any last bit of stubborn make up or cleanser that I may have missed rinsing. I would definitely be repurchasing.

I give the Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried any of these products? Like or dislike? Have you tried any other Bioderma products?

Please leave me your comments below!

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Revlon Cream Blush in 150 Charmed

Hey Pretties!

With summer in full force, I tend to reach for cream blushes over powder formulas most of the time. When I saw the Revlon Cream Blushes on sale at SDM, I thought it would be a good chance for me to try something new! The shade I chose was 150 Charmed:


Out of the four shades they had on display, I chose Charmed because it looked to be the most “natural” of the bunch, while still vibrant enough to actually show up on my medium skin tone. Usually when trying out new makeup (blush, lipstick) from a brand that I know, but haven’t tried a specific product from the line, I tend to go for the “safe” or most natural shades first — usually to get a feel for the formula, colour pay-off and wear. And if I end up not liking it, the chances of someone in my circle of family/friends are better for giveaways!

I would describe Charmed as a classic, berry pink shade that I think would compliment pretty much any skintone. On me, it looks pretty close to my own natural pink flush– not as intense as the way my cheeks look after a bootcamp class, but a softer version of that colour!


The texture is creamy, but quite light and once on the face it goes to a slightly powdery finish. A good 4-5 finger swirls gives me just the right amount of product for one cheek.

Once blended in, this blush has an almost-powder finish and feel, but retains a demi-matte finish — it just leaves a nice natural flush to the cheeks. I’ve used my fingers to blend this in which works just fine. But I like using my stippling brush to stipple the product slightly onto my cheeks before buffing it in with the same brush. I find this technique really helps to blend it in properly and evenly, without having to worry about any harsh lines left over.

Right – swatched heavy. Left – blended in.

This has been one of my go-to blushes this season. I love the colour and the finish it leaves on my cheeks. Because this shade is so natural and easy to wear, it can go with a lot of different make-up looks — from everyday natural to a more intense look (if you build up the colour).

I’m going to keep my eye out at my local drugstores for Revlon sales… because I will probably end up buying some of the other colours!!

I give the Revlon Cream Blush in 150 Charmed: a HIGH FIVE

Have you tried any of the Revlon Cream Blushes?  Like or dislike?  Do you have a favourite cream blush for summertime?

Thanks for tuning in Pretties!!