Monthly Favourites: June

Hey Pretties!

I can’t believe how quickly June has come and gone! Here are a few of my favourite and most used products for skin, face, body and hair for the month of June. Also, a random, non-beauty favourite is thrown in there too!

June Favourites: L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream; Tea Tree Oil by Life Brand; Prairie Naturals Big Sky Tea Tree Medicinal Shampoo; and Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray by Bath and Body Works

June Favourites: L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream; Tea Tree Oil by Life Brand; Prairie Naturals Big Sky Tea Tree Medicinal Shampoo; and Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray by Bath and Body Works

SKIN:  100% Tea Tree Oil by Life Brand

This little wonder of an oil has saved my face from having little breakouts turn into big, monster pimples — those suckers didn’t stand a chance! Not sure if it was the rise in temperature, which meant more prone to sweat on the face, which meant more prone to breakouts. Or if it was due to me trying out a lot of new skincare products that did. Or maybe a combination of both. Whatever the cause, a few dabs of this on my breakouts each night seemed to help my pimples dry up really quickly. I’ve tried other over the counter zit cream and nothing seems to work better and faster than good ol’ 100% tea tree oil.

FACE:  L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in 814 Medium

I’ve raved about this BB cream before — has to be my favourite BB and I’ve tried a bunch. I always come back to this when I’m not sure what base I want to wear. It’s easy, foolproof, provides good coverage and wears well throughout the day. During the warmer days in June, I’ll reach for this because it slightly mattifies my skin which score points for keeping the summer face oilies at bay. If you want to read my full review on this BB cream and a few others I’ve tried, click here.

BODY:  Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray by Bath and Body Works

This has to be one of my favourite scents from Bath and Body Works. Perfect for summertime, it’s a fresh, feminine and light scent which has notes of asian pear, apple, plum, Japanese cherry blossom, rose, lily, mimosa, vanilla, amber, musk, cedarwood and sandalwood. Not to fruity, not to flowery, not too musky — a perfect balance of all those smells wrapped into this little bottle! My kind of scent.

HAIR:  Big Sky Tea Tree Medicinal Shampoo by Prairie Naturals

Hotter weather aggravates my scalp eczema and this shampoo helps to soothe the itch and flare ups. It doesn’t cure it by any means, but it helps to keep my scalp feeling a bit more calm. Tea tree oil to the rescue again!! This is actually my second bottle of this and I use this every other day — if I use it every day, it tends to dry my scalp and hair out a bit too much. Not only does it calm my scalp, it helps to keep my hair less oily. I reach for this shampoo all year round, but especially in the summer months and winter months, when severe heat and severe cold can cause my condition to worsen.

RANDOM FAVOURITE FOR JUNE:  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray in Basil Scent

Mrs. Meyer's Counter Top Spray in Basil scent

Mrs. Meyer’s Counter Top Spray in Basil scent

My favourite part of cleaning is cleaning with stuff that’s good for the environment and smells good. This hits both criteria! This spray has “naturally derived ingredients and essential oils”. The smell is sooooooo good — fresh, light and “green”. I’ve been using this on our kitchen countertops, stove top, dining table, coffee table…. heck, just about anything I can spray it on, I have! I know this also comes in a lemon verbena scent and a lavender scent, those sound yummy for the senses too, but this basil one is totally hitting the mark for me right now! The scent actually lingers for a few hours after spraying… love!

So that’s it! My June favourites!

Thanks for stopping by, Pretties and I hope you’ve enjoyed your June and continue to enjoy the rest of the summer!




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