Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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So, I’m sure everyone in the beauty blogosphere world has either heard of, tried or heard of AND tried the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate at one point in their lives. I finally got around to visiting my local Kiehl’s store and snagged a few samples of the MRC and was very excited to find out if this would be just as good as everyone seems to claim it is.

Sample package of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Sample package of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


On the Kiehl’s website, it’s described as follows:

This lightweight, readily-absorbed elixir effectively restores skin’s healthy appearance overnight, resulting in smoother, more radiant complexion by morning. Enriched with Squalane, a botanical lipid similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids, Evening Primrose Oil, rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Essential moisture to depleted skin. These naturally derived oils instantly penetrate the skin surface to help replenish it. Our recovery concentrate works at night when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors. With skin hydrated, supple and soft, rest assured you can say goodnight to tired-looking skin.

– Paraben Free
– Mineral Oil Free

One small sample got me through every night for about one week, using 2-3 drops after cleansing and toning my skin.

As the Kiehl’s representative suggested, I was to apply this by rubbing a few drops into my hands and then patting the oil onto my face, not rubbing it in.

For me, I would say I definitely found the following positives:

  • a little goes a long way (only 2 drops was enough to cover and efficiently hydrate my face, no need for a separate moisturizer on top)
  • calming lavender scent very pleasant
  • in the morning, woke up to soft, hydrated skin; not oily at all
  • in the morning, seemed to make my skin look and feel “calmer” — the little redness I sometimes experience on my cheeks and forehead seemed to subside
  • calming effect on sprouting chin pimples – one that was forming, didn’t end up surfacing… I wonder if it was the oil that helped it disappear?
  • seemed to have evened out my skintone
  • hasn’t broken me out

These are all great things, but I’m not totally sold (yet). But considering that I’ve only used this for 6 nights in a row with all those positives I’ve experienced so far, I think I’m pretty close to really liking this oil. Would I consider purchasing a full-size bottle of this product? Maybe. I believe it’s about $50 for the 30 ml and $72 for the 50 ml — a good chunk of change either way, but I know that this would last me for at least a few good months, if not an entire year (or more with the bigger size).

Not sure if I’d have to use this product longer than the 6 nights in a row I’ve used it to see even better results, but I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on why this oil can be and is loved by so many people.

I give the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: an (almost) STANDING OVATION

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? Results? Any favourite facial oils to suggest?

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