Product Empties #3

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I am back to share some of my garbage with you! I’ve got four empty containers of some products that I’ve tried, tested and quite enjoyed for the the duration of their lives here on Earth with me.

Product Empties! L to R: MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15; Dove Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Body Wash; Fat Hair Thickening Spray; Annabelle BB Cream

Product Empties! L to R: MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15; Dove Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Body Wash; Fat Hair Thickening Spray; Annabelle BB Cream

Dove Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Body Wash

Loved this body wash in every way possible! The scent is so fresh and uplifting but somewhat serene at the same time. You will love this I promise if you like a fresh fruity smell in the shower. The Dove body wash range has a handful of scents — this is the one I liked the most doing the sniff test in the drugstore and in second place was one scented with plum and sakura blossom (I bought that and have yet to use it). Aside from the awesome smell, the body wash itself really impressed me — it lathered up very quick and well, and didn’t leave my skin feeling too squeaky clean or too slick and hydrated — a really good in-between cleansed/moisturized feeling. I will definitely continue to purchase this product in the future. I purchased this for $2.99 on sale at SDM.

I give the Dove Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Body Wash: a HIGH FIVE

MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 in 5.0

You can see from the photo that I’ve tried my hardest to scrape the most of the last bits of this foundation out of the bottle! I really like this foundation. I needed another bottle of my normal MAC Studio Fluid Fix Foundation in NC40, but on that day I went to purchase one, the MAC counter had run out. So the very nice MAC girl offered to find another comparable colour/coverage match for me and I ended up with the MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 in 5.0. I’m inclined to think that I might actually like this one better than the Studio Fluid Fix. The consistency of this is very smooth and blendable — not too thick, not to thin. The shade 5.0 on me is PERFECT. The coverage is definitely medium and very buildable for days when more coverage is needed. The finish on the skin is demi-matte, slightly dewy — really nice, natural coverage. The packaging is awesome, with the pump and all, but trying to get all the last of the foundation once the bottle is done is a headache! Ah well, I suppose I just have to go buy another! I purchased this for $41 at MAC.

I give the MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 in 5.0: a STANDING OVATION

Fat “0” Calories Hair Thickening Spray

I’m always on the hunt for hair products that will make my thin, limp hair look and feel thicker. I came across this spray one day on sale and thought hey, why not? I finished one bottle and bought two more. I can’t say that this has done wonders for my hair, but it has helped to make it feel and look thicker temporarily. I spray it into my damp, towel-dried hair, blow dry it and style. This spray does not leave my hair feeling crunchy or sticky at all, which is awesome. It has a pleasant smell. I find that it does give me that “big hair” look which makes it great for pulling my naturally wavy hair into a pony tail giving me a more “bushy” look, which I like. I haven’t yet tried this spray before straightening my hair to see if it makes my straightened hair look thicker — I’ll have to try it out. In any case, I do like this product but I’m afraid that it might be discontinued — the 2 bottles that I bought were on the clearance shelf at SDM and I haven’t seen it restocked in the normal hair aisle. That’s ok though — I’m sure I can find something even better… any suggestions? I purchased this for $4.99 on sale at SDM.

I give the Fat Hair “0 Calories” Thickening Spray: a SHOULDER SHRUG

Annabelle BB Cream

This BB cream is one of my favourite BB creams simply because of the colour match — it’s one of the few yellow-toned drugstore BB creams that are out there. And beleive me, I’ve tried my share of BB creams — click here to read!

I like the Annabelle BB Cream in terms of colour, coverage and feel. This gives me a medium coverage, but still manages to let my skin show through. On days where I want coverage that’s in between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer, this BB cream provides just that. I purchased this for $11.99 on sale at SDM.

I give the Annabelle BB Cream in Medium/Dark: a HIGH FIVE

So there you have it — my third instalment of Product Empties! Click here to read #1 and #2, if you’re interested!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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