Beauty Product Review: Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm

Hello Pretties!

Spring is finally in the air! Like, for real this time! To my fellow Canuck Pretties, kudos to us for surviving one of the most miserable, long, unbelievably coldest winters we ever did see. Now that the eight foot high snowbanks are melting, the sun is shining earlier and brighter and the birds are tweeting, it’s time for us to change up our pucker products, from those darker, wintery shades to lighter colours that match the “spring” in our steps!

In recent months, I’ve grown to have a love affair with the Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balms. I own three of them (for now! planning to buy more! gah!) as pictured below:

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm (L to R): Truffle Kiss, Apple a Day, Apricot Pucker

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm (L to R): Truffle Kiss, Apple a Day, Apricot Pucker

On the Almay website, it states this about the balms: Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm combines the lip conditioning care of a balm with the shiny color of your favorite gloss. Shiny colour drenches lips with 2X hydration as lip-loving conditioners provide 194% more moisture for softer, smother lips over time. Nonsticky. Gluten Free. Hypoallergenic. Dermatoligist tested.

The Almay Lip Balm made my recent list of 10 drugstore faves under $10 (click here to read that post!). So a bomb-diggity product at a reasonable price? Yes please!

The smell of this is simply one of vanilla cake frosting. Sweet, but not overly sickly. Every time I pull out the doe-foot applicator to apply, I always take a whiff of the sweet aroma.

L to R: Truffle Kiss, Apricot Pucker, Apple a Day

L to R: Truffle Kiss, Apricot Pucker, Apple a Day

The texture of this is so very smooth and non-sticky. It glides onto my lips easily, but not too slippery, and I instantly feel the hydration and moisturization working on my bare lips. I almost always have lip balm on my lips and almost always apply a lip balm before I apply any other lip product on my lips… but with this, I can apply straight on bare, dry lips and it provides immediate moisturization. And most importantly, for a good amount of time after this has worn off, my lips STILL feel hydrated.

The finish of this is shiny, but not overly shiny like your typical lip gloss. There is no shimmer in any of the 3 balms I have and from what I can remember in the drugstore, swatching the other 7 colours, they do not contain any shimmer as well. Which makes this a very wearable and great for every day, every occasion lip product.

The colour pay-off is decent — just enough of a wash of colour to be noticable. It’s definitely buildable; after about 2-3 applications the colours show up more vibrant, but still natural looking on the lips. I can’t really choose which of these 3 is my favourite, colour-wise — they are all great in each their own way! These come in 10 differect shades, from nudes, peaches/corals, pinks/plums and red/berry colours.

Top to Bottom: Truffle Kiss, Apricot Pucker, Apple a Day

Top to Bottom: Truffle Kiss, Apricot Pucker, Apple a Day

I really like Apricot Pucker for a wash of peach/coral on my lips, I feel like this colour brightens up my face — a perfect finishing touch for a lighter, spring make-up face; I love Apple a Day for a punch of sheer red on my lips, perfect for pairing when I wear barely or no makeup; and I can never go wrong with the most natural looking colour on me, Truffle Kiss — it’s pinky-brown shade is my perfect “nude” or MLBB (my lips but better) shade and I always have this one on me wherever I go.

I tried to take photos with the lip balms on my lips, but my webcam and phone camera just won’t pic up the true colours of the balms, darn it! The swatches above, however, are accurate as far as how they look on my lips.

This retails at $9.99 regular price at Shoppers Drug Mart, but I purchased mine on sale for around $6 and I’ve recently spotted this at Target for $6 on sale as well. In my opnion, a very good price for a lip product that delivers hydration like a balm and provides colour like a gloss!

I give the Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm: a STANDING OVATION

Have you tried the Almay Lip Balms? How do you like it and what colours do you have?


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