Mask Mondays – Beauty Product Review: Ultra Firming Face Mask by Balea

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It’s that time again.. Mask Mondays! And this one is hot off the press! I literally just put this mask on about an hour ago and I want to tell you all about it. It’s the Ultra Firming Face Mask by Baléa:

Ultra Firming Face Mask by Balea

Ultra Firming Face Mask by Balea

This is the second instalment of Mask Mondays and I’m excited to give you the nitty-gritty on a new mask treatment. If you missed my first post on the Baléa Brightening Mud Face Mask click here to read my review. And remember, if you have the time, 30 minutes at most, once a week, I highly encourage you to treat yourself to a mask — it’s good for your skin and for your soul! It’ll make you feel pampered and pretty and just taking that time for yourself is always a good thing 🙂

So, this is what this mask claims to do:

Ultra Firming Face Mask by Balea

Ultra Firming Face Mask by Balea

First off, the smell of this mask is very pleasant — it’s got a powdery soapy scent with a hint of floral and greenery. The texture of this mask is not as thick as a typical mud mask (like the one I tried last week), it’s much more thinned out but it sticks to the face quite well like a mud mask does. Upon applying, it’s very easy to spread around and distribute on the face. It seemed to sting a little at first — around my nose and upper cheeks, but that feeling went away quite quickly. It didn’t dry to a hard mud mask dry… more of a half wet/half dry texture and that’s with leaving it on for 20 minutes, rather than the suggested 10-15 minutes.

While I waited, I had some photo fun:

Just waiting around for the mask to dry...

Just waiting around for the mask to dry…

After rinsing this mask off, I took a close look at my skin and of course, as with any mask really, my face felt very cleansed. Not to the point where my pores were cleaned out completely, but I still had a very refreshed feeling all around. After patting my face dry with a towel, I sat for about 3 minutes to see what my skin would feel like without immediately applying my nighttime products. After 3 minutes, I felt my face and it did feel softer and smoother. It did not feel irritated, too tight or dry — must be the aloe vera that’s in the mask that helped to soothe the skin. Unfortunately, my fine lines were still there (no surprise) as with only one use of this mask, I didn’t expect it to make any of my lines disappear. If you know of such a product, please let me know ASAP, ha ha!!

What I did find odd, was that upon application of my regular nighttime skincare products, I began to feel a stinging again — this time on my chin area. It felt like it was on fire. Not like, a full-on blazing fire, just really hot. I looked in the mirror and noticed a bit of a red spot on my chin where I felt the most “heat”. But after about 15 minutes (actually as I’m typing this right now) the burning sensation has completely subsided — my face feels and looks normal again. It actually feels better than when I first rinsed it off — I think the aloe vera properties have fully kicked in and my skin feels cool and refreshed.

I presume that with continued use of this mask, one would see the fine lines and wrinkles disappear. But I’m not that hopeful. I haven’t done too much research on masks that claim to be purely “anti-aging” as this one claims to be and the majority of the masks that I have tried in the past are more geared towards immediate results, mainly cleaning out pores.

I think adding this sort of mask to an anti-aging regime MAY help. But for me, I don’t think I would repurchase this again. I’m sure there are other masks out there that are anti-aging that are way better for my skin. I’m all for anti-aging products, but as far as masks go, I didn’t love this one so much. If I’m going to take 20-30 minutes out of my day to treat my skin to something, I want to use a mask that is comfortable on my skin from beginning to end.

I give the Ultra Firming Face Mask by Baléa: a THUMBS DOWN

Have you tried this mask? How did you find it? Have you tried any of the other Baléa masks? Any recommendations?

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